A Tour of the Royal Past

May 19, 2017
by The Finished Space

In honor of Canada’s Victoria Day, a federal public holiday to celebrate the late Queen Victoria’s birthday, let us take a look inside some of the past and current estates that Queen Elizabeth II has resided in. Here are some of our favorite castles and palaces and they are sure to leave you swooning with envy!

Buckingham Palace

We are swooning over the trimwork in Buckham Palace. Image source: Express.

Source: Express

We love how the stunning gold-accented panel moulding in Queen Elizabeth’s piano room oozes royalty and luxe. Despite the room being filled with gold furniture, the intricate panel mould still stands out as it adds structure and architectural interest to the walls.

Not to mention, who wouldn’t want to walk through a door encased with gold casing that is topped off with a gorgeous golden architrave!

Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth is surrounded by opulent trimwork in Windsor Castle. Image Source:  Express.

Source: Express

Queen Elizabeth II, in her gorgeous warm-toned summer dress, isn’t the only regal beauty in this photograph. Check out the lavishing and opulent chair rail and wainscot! Indeed, a place that is truly fit for a queen—literally.

 Palace Of Holyroodhouse

The interior finishings in this guest room are astonishing. Imagine drifting to a deep night sleep while looking up at the splendid ceiling treatment. It conjures a sense of poetic romance and understated grandeur of royalty. Seriously, how can we reserve a night in this heavenly chamber?

End of the tour!

Those are some of our favorite photographs from Queen’s past and current homes. If you love these gorgeous spaces be sure to check out the trimwork in the movie Young Victoria. Let us know on Twitter which castle or palace was your favorite, and have a happy Victoria Day!