Showcase Your Free-Spirit with a Bohemian Style
June 11, 2020
by The Finished Space

We’d say a Bohemian’s aesthetic is where casual meets up with cool. It’s for those who enjoy colorful fabrics, tantalizing textures, and those fabulous Persian rugs. If any of what we just said resonated with you then this style might be for you!

Metrie's Option {M} Bohemian style

You can help bring this style home with our Option {M} Bohemian interior finishings. The moulding profiles reveal layers of curves and concave features that pair perfectly with ornate Moroccan patterns and earth tones for a style that speaks with an accent.

See how other influencers and designers have used our Bohemian-styled interior finishings to help express their wanderlust!

If you’re the type to display snaps from your last adventure or you’re simply a free spirit and your home is your canvas then Bohemian is for you!


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