Restoring the Ritz

June 22, 2016
by The Finished Space

Ever since its opening in 1898, the iconic Ritz Paris has been a home away from home for royalty, heads of state and celebrities for over a century.

But after all those years of hosting and pampering its guests, the hotel was in need of a face-lift. The hotel called on famed architect Thierry Despont, who took on the tedious task of restoring the hotel back to its former glory.

After being closed for almost four years, the glamorous hotel reopened June 14 to a standing ovation.

The Ritz Paris boasts opulent trimwork in its reopening. Source: Vogue

Source: Vogue

Actors Anna Brewster and Noémie Schmidt dawn Chanel dresses inside a blush pink suite, which boasts opulent white trimwork with gold detailing.

A staircase in the newly renovated Ritz Paris. Source: Vogue

Source: Vogue

Actor George Blagden whisks away his love interest in a staircase, which features an exaggerated wall treatment inside the Ritz Paris.

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