Reno, Set, Go! Two Heartwarming Transformations

August 23, 2017
by The Finished Space

Our Wednesday nights are best spent curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine in one hand, a tissue in the other and tuned into the latest episodes of Reno, Set, Go! Last week’s heart tugging makeovers centered around two very hard-working families whose love for each other radiated through the television screen.

Celebrity designer Cheryl Torrenueva, contractor Roger Morin and the rest of the Reno, Set, Go! team once again did a fabulous job secretly transforming these spaces in under 36 hours.

So let’s get into recapping this past week’s episodes.

Episode Thirteen: Daddy & Me

Luis, a dedicated HVAC technician, and Eva, his young daughter, share a remarkable father-daughter bond. But because of Eva’s speech disorder, Luis takes on additional shifts to pay for the best treatment money can buy.

Given Luis’ busy work schedule he has not had time to create a play space for Eva. Seeing the love Luis and Eva have for one another, Luis’ caring wife Robin contacted the Reno, Set, Go! team to give the pair the space of their dreams.

The room is meant to be a place where Luis and Eva can spend time together, but most importantly Robin wanted to create a space where the whole family can make lasting memories.

We are in love with the adorable results!

The Reno, Set, Go! team use Metrie quarter round to help transform this fun playroom!

Source: Reno, Set, Go!

Cheryl did a fabulous job juxtaposing soft neutral pieces with bold patterned prints. Just look at that pillow combination! Genius!

We’re sure Eva, Robin and Luis will have a lifetime full of happy memories in this cute play room! Click here, to watch the entire episode.

Episode Fourteen: Fresh Start

Ashley lost her loving husband in a terrible car accident and now works tirelessly to raise their three young children by herself. Fortunately, Ashley has the help and support of her sisters who are there to lend a hand wherever they can.

Having to adjust to her new life, Ashley scrapped together just enough money to buy a starter home closer to her sisters. There was only one problem, Ashley’s new living and dining room lacked functionality and was just not working for her and her three children. So her sisters worked hand-in-hand with Cheryl and Roger for a complete remodel of the living space.

And the results are breathtaking!

Metrie interior finishings make an appearance in this living room transformation on Reno, Set, Go!

Source: Reno, Set, Go!

The neutral color palette in this dining room really comes to life with the pop of color from the teal rug. This space is also elevated by the use of textures. We’re loving how the sheep skin throw adds a layer of softness to the industrial table bench. Click here, to watch the entire space come together.

These two episodes tugged at our heart strings and are definitely worth a watch–just be sure to have a tissue handy! So, head over to HGTV Canada to see all the events unfold in these two heartwarming surprise makeovers.

Don’t forget to let us know what your thoughts are on the show down below or on Twitter! Meanwhile, if you’ve enjoyed the memorable moments in this episode then be sure to check out our other ones!