Monthly Moodboard Inspiration: Perkinson Homes

May 18, 2017
by The Finished Space

This month’s dose of inspiration comes from a glamorous Pennsylvania farmhouse renovation done by Perkinson Homes. Their design, specifically the show-stopping dining room, was one of our top 25 entries in our 2016 Builder & Designer Challenge and months later we’re still swooning over the dramatic palette and sophisticated design choices.

This beautiful dining room featured interior finishings from our Fashion Forward Collection to blend traditional and modern tastes in an unexpected way. We’ve been infatuated with this space for months, and decided to let our minds run wild with this moodboard. Take a look, and get ready to make some notes—and pins.


Ok, so let’s break this down. This space is a textbook example of how to blend traditional and modern styles. On the traditional side, we have a gorgeous intricate ceiling, ornate limestone fireplace, and heavy silk drapes. Modern touches come from the acrylic King Louis chairs, geometric mirror and chic grey area rug. Combining traditional and modern pieces can often seem jumbled, but this dining room shows us how to do it right.

Start with a Beautiful Canvas

Before you jump to decor, accent colors and furniture, you’ll need to have the perfect canvas. That means focusing on your walls, architectural intrigue, and your flooring. This dining room started out right, with a lavish ceiling (thanks panel mould!) and the classic Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore, a deep neutral grey. Next, the designer chose a modern black for the window panes and a mid-tone flooring to tie the space together. We have to mention how beautiful the crisp white interior finishings look against this moody color palette. The Fashion Forward Scene II baseboards and casing just pop! With a blank canvas that beautiful, how could you go wrong?

Table for Eight, Please

What makes a dining room a dining room? The furniture, of course! To give a focal point to your room, choose a dining table with some weight to it. The legs of this piece are mesmerizing, the perfect addition to this glamorous room. For chairs, be sure not to play it too safe, the last thing you want in an exquisite room is a boring set of dining chairs. These King Louis acrylic chairs have a classic shape that tone down the modern material and make the chairs a unique, but not extreme, choice.

Once you have your dining set, draw the eye upward with a beautiful chandelier. The one here is a show-stopper, with gold and crystals that continue the theme of modern and traditional all the way to the top of the room. Add in a classic credenza and a bronze bust on a pedestal (because why not?) and you’re on your way to a dining room with new classic flair.


Accent Pieces and Pops of Color

Little trinkets, table settings and lighting make this space feel lived in and warm. Area rugs, lamps, mirrors and artwork are your opportunity to build out your palette. In this room, that meant adding hints of gold to up the drama factor. Place settings can change routinely, giving you another chance to explore palettes and accent colors. The soft blues and pinks on display currently are a fresh break from the heaviness of the room.

Get Inspired

Want to see the ins and outs of this design even further? Click here to discover this Pinterest board–complete with blue glassware and dramatic draperies. While you’re at it, explore our other moodboards down below! Happy pinning!


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