Let’s Trim Travel the World!

June 30, 2017
by The Finished Space

If only humans could time travel around the world to explore its differing history and culture.

However, trim is a close substitute to time traveling. With trim, a person can explore and discover the different time eras—from Victorian to Modern, and so much more.

So, let us take you on a trip to look at some of the different trimwork available around the world!

Trim Destination: London, England

Gorgeous coffered ceiling in an artist-conceived restaurant located in London. Image Source: Tatler.

Source: Tatler

David Shrigley transformed a gallery into an artist-conceived restaurant, and the results are absolutely mind-blowing!

The classical design with modern elements creates a whimsical and playful environment.

But, our attention was drawn to the intricate ceiling treatment! We do not have words to express how much we love that coffered ceiling and crown moulding. The Victorian-esque profile on the crown moulding definitely adds a regal elegance to the otherwise bold and lively atmosphere.

This pink paradise is sure to leave you feeling cheeky and happy without a doubt.

For more swoon – worthy ceiling treatments, take a look at our roundup! It is sure to leave you feeling trimspired!

Trim Destination: Paris, France

Paris, the city of romance and love, offers an abundance of architecturally beautiful spaces that are often cascaded with trim. However, Hotel Providence offers contemporary styled rooms with minimalistic trim elements while boasting bold patterned wallpaper.

This room incorporates darkly stained baseboards that act as a faultless transition from the hardwood floors to the navy blue walls. And we love how the room uses trim elements above the door to further frame the entrance, while the white doors itself add vibrancy to the space.

As a whole, the room is a magnificent display of Art Deco meets Contemporary.

Merci, Paris! For this unique room!

Trim Destination: Barcelona, Spain

The next space we travel to is this enchanting boutique, The Cotton Hotel, which is located in the heart of Barcelona. Lázaro Rosa-Violán is the designer responsible for fashioning this grand and opulent space.

The dark baseboards and casing not only adds structure to walls but help ground the extremely luxurious and lavishing boutique.

And how can we not mention the unquestionably GORGEOUS ceiling treatment (we had to capitalize it to express how beautiful it is). More impressively, the preserved details of the ceiling were intricately carved out by hand.

This space is best described as a timeless handcrafted jewel box, wouldn’t you agree?

Trim Destination: Tokyo, Japan

A strikingly contemporary room from the Wired Hotel in Tokyo, Japan with light nude baseboard and casing. Image Source: Dwell.

Source: Dwell

Our trim travel now takes us to Tokyo, Japan, which is the host of the Wired Hotel. This hotel embodies a refreshing, contemporary feel.

Despite being a more newly refined space, it still has trim elements in the room. We love how they chose light, neutral-toned baseboards, and casing to frame the windows and door rather than blending it into the wall or choosing the generic whites. The wood-toned trim elements found throughout the space add warmth to the otherwise monochromatic room. Moreover, we especially love the wood paneled ceiling, which adds structure and a certain element of architectural intrigue to this contemporary space.

Fun fact, furniture and interior decor in the rooms are crafted by locals and are available for purchase! Now, when can we purchase everything in the room?


That concludes the trim travel! Let us know which place was your favorite down below in the comments or on Twitter!