Jillian and Justin: Highlights from Episode 1 to 3

July 12, 2017
by The Finished Space

Jillian and Justin is a four-part docu-series based on the busy lives of celebrity designer Jillian Harris and her fiance Justin Pasutto. The series premiered on June 21, and concludes tonight at 10pm ET on the W Network!

The series put the couple under the spotlight, where Jillian and Justin revealed their lows and triumphs. All in all, if you’re into interior design and styling, renovations and a little bit of drama then you are in for a treat! Tonight is the fourth and final episode of Jillian and Justin, and we want you to tune into the W Network to watch the live reveal!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the previous parts of the series then don’t worry because we have the touching moments from each episode!

Episode One:

As viewers banded together to watch the season premiere of Jillian and Justin, we saw one of the most significant thing the couple had to experience so far—the arrival of their son, Leo. Spectators got a chance to see the moment new parents Jillian and Justin go from a couple to an official family unit.

Episode Two:

While Jillian and Justin start to adjust their lives with their newborn son, the financial burdens and strains of their new home leave them in a rut. Realizing their anticipated budget nearly doubled has forced Jillian and Justin to confront what they really want in their new home’s renovation and what to leave behind.

Despite financial turmoil, Jillian hosted a fabulous party for family and friends in honor of Leo. And we’re swooning over how marvelous this get together was.

Now, who wouldn’t want to attend a fabulous party with a sea of balloons!

Episode Three:

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Episode three gave onlookers some insight as to what festivities the couple does during the Holiday season. Some of which include taking family photos with Santa Claus! How happy does little Leo look sitting on Santa’s lap for the first time? Our hearts are melting!

With all the love in the air during the holiday season, this year was a particularly important and joyous time for the couple. Jillian and Justin’s docu-series not only captures one of the most important moments in the couple’s lives with the birth of their son but also their engagement! It was surely a merry time for the new family unit!

Tonight airs the docu-series finale where the couple will finally reveal the results of their long-awaited home renovation! Be sure to tune into the W Network at 10pm ET to see how the events unravel! Hint: there may be a #MetrieSighting! And let us know on Twitter if you love the series as much as we do!