From Inspiration to Installation

December 14, 2016
by The Finished Space

We’re always sharing decor and moulding inspiration on The Finished Space, but today, we thought we’d gift you with a step-by-step on how to install trim in your own home.

We partnered with handy-woman and YouTuber Sandra, of Sawdust Girl, to help her outfit her kitchen entryway with Metrie primed flat stock, panel mould, crown moulding and baseboard. What started as a one-day reno turned into one month, but the final result was definitely worth the wait!

Sawdust girl uses Metrie interior finishings to renovate her kitchen entry. Image source: Sawdust Girl.

Hat Tip: Sawdust Girl

Part of her project included a feature decorative column. Although she came up against a few hiccups, you couldn’t tell with the final result. Check out her step by step guide, here.

Sawdust Girl teaches you how to build a decorative column using Metrie interior finishings. Image Source: Sawdust Girl

Hat Tip: Sawdust Girl

Sandra has tons of progress photos, and even created a sketch to show the exact dimensions of the feature column – very helpful!

Sawdust Girl creates a decorative column using Metrie flat stock. Image Source: Sawdust Girl

Hat Tip: Sawdust Girl

But that’s not even the best part – Sandra recapped her kitchen entry project in a video! In just four minutes, she was able to break down all her steps and with tips and links along the way. We highly recommend it for any design novice or pro looking to enhance their interior finishing skills!