Form & Function Make for a Beautiful Design: A Q&A with Krista Martens

June 10, 2016
by The Finished Space

Krista Martens brings a refreshing, technical perspective to her designs and to our blog today. Krista is our week two winner from our #CaptionMetrieContest, and we love her detailed designs and creative captions on Instagram.

Krista grew up in Saskatchewan and followed her lifelong passion for art and construction into college where in 1999 she graduated with a degree in Architectural and Building Technology from Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

She then went on to open her own architectural design firm, Beyond Measure Design, in 2008.

Krista Martens, of Beyond Measure Design, chats about form and function on The Finished Space. Joi Photography.

Photography: Joi Photography

“The technical side [of design], for me, is just as interesting as the beauty of the finished product,” said the Architectural Technologist. “Understanding the client’s vision is key. I can then work on making sure the structure and mechanical systems work together to achieve the visual goal. Often in home design you don’t consider what you don’t see but it is my job to make sure that function meets form.”

Krista specializes in the architectural drawings for commercial and residential projects, and often collaborates with interior designers to incorporate specific design elements for clients.

Krista has also worked on some incredible projects and we’re very excited to let you get to know her a little more today.

Krista’s Design Philosophy & Favorite Space

Her firm’s philosophy highlights the importance of form and function.

“Beyond Measure Design Inc. believes in the power of limitless living,” explained Krista. “We are devoted to designing homes for optimal freedom and functionality that reflects your individuality.”

And she proves her emphasis on form and function in designing her favorite spaces. We asked Krista if she has a favorite room to design, and we were a little surprised, but delighted by her answer—Krista loves the tiny house movement—and so do we!

“Right now my favorite projects are tiny homes,” she noted. “I have always loved the idea of living simply and, to me, the tiny home provides such huge design challenges: storage, function, livability. It stretches the imagination and forces you to consider every square foot of space.”

We think there’s possibly no one better suited than an architectural designer to create the perfect tiny home that fits the owner’s needs and creates a serene, functional living space.

For Krista, Collaboration is Key

A designer’s favorite project can be very telling. Often it tells you a lot about their personality through to what inspires them. And for Krista, she gets inspired by collaborating on projects with other design professionals.

We simply love that about her. Architecture and interior design are made to be worked on with a creative team. There’s nothing quite like a brainstorming session filled with fabric swatches, sketch boards, paint, tile and moulding samples, plus blueprints.

Krista Martens talks interior finishings and design on The Finished Space. Space designed by Beyond Measure Design & Maison Fine Homes & Interior Design. Photography: D & M Images.

Photography: D & M Image / Courtesy of Maison Fine Homes & Interior Design

“I would have to say my favorite home so far was one I collaborated on with Maison Fine Homes and Interior Design,” said Krista. “Jilaire and I would collaborate on floor plans while Andrew and I would talk about the unseen elements—we’re both self-professed building science geeks.

“One of the first projects we created was The Moore,” she added. “It was a unique two-story design to fit a skinny lot. We had immense challenges with the design but the final product was a home build to fit a family lifestyle with ease and grace.”


Krista Martens talks interior finishings and design on The Finished Space. Space designed by Beyond Measure Design & Maison Fine Homes & Interior Design. Photography: D & M Images.

Photography: D & M Image / Courtesy of Maison Fine Homes & Interior Design

Krista loves Rehab Addict as Much as We Do!

We asked Krista what celebrity she’d like to design a room for if she could, and we just love her answer.

“I would love designing homes for anyone who appreciates that they are more than walls and a roof,” explained Krista. “Someone I’ve always wanted to work with is Nicole Curtis. I love that she recognizes the value of the homes she saves and that she is passionate about bringing them back to life with loving care.”

We love her too, and we always enjoy seeing the spaces Nicole creates.

Great Advice for Clients Who Love Finishings

We know designers and architects loves to work with clients with great taste and have a love for interior design. So Krista shared with us advice she would give someone who wants to incorporate interior finishings in their home, and her insight is brilliant: tell your architectural designer what you want before everything is set and planned.

“If you are thinking of using specialty products like architrave or a wider casing, your architectural designer needs to know,” offered Krista. “It will likely affect the width of hallways or door placement, and we don’t want those items made to look like an afterthought.”

This is the perfect advice for clients. Interior finishings should be the crown jewels on your design and they will make your room look complete. Like we say here at Metrie: “Finish Before You Start,” and we think Krista’s advice is spot on.

We want to say thank you to Krista for participating, and we really encourage you to check out her blog at She brings an incredible balance to the projects she works on and we’re so happy to have her on our blog today.

And in case you’re curious, check out her winning caption in the comment of our week two contest image:

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