5 Must-See Spaces with Pre-Painted Trim!

January 2, 2019
by The Finished Space

When it comes to Metrie Complete pre-painted interior finishings, we’ve been told it has some benefits that you might enjoy. After all, all you’ve got to do is three simple steps—measure, cut, and install. Then you’re complete! There’s no need for extra painting equipment, let alone dry-time.

“It’s a dream to work with since its pre-painted! Once its up, it’s done.  No need to go over it with two to three coats of paint!” — Monika Hibbs

With that being said, let us show you our top five favorite spaces that feature pre-painted trimwork!

WHO: Brittany Makes | The Vintage Rug Shop 
WHERE: Bedroom
WHAT: Metrie Complete Pre-Painted shiplap | casing

Brittany’s endearing master bedroom was made complete with the use of shiplap vertically on the walls, giving her space a heightened-illusion.

WHO: Sacha and Melissa Leclair | Leclair Decor
WHERE: Family Room
WHAT: Metrie Complete Pre-Painted shiplap

Elevating their space to new heights, Sacha and Melissa add a new dynamic to their space with a ceiling treatment made from our pre-painted shiplap.

WHO: Jamie and Morgan Molitor | Construction2Style
WHERE: Basement & Bathroom
WHAT: Metrie Complete Pre-Painted baseboard and casing

As easy as 1, 2, 3, Jamie and Morgan shows you how simple your home renovation can be with Complete pre-painted interior finishings.

WHO: Steve and Alyssa Terpstra | Coco & Jack
WHERE: Basement
WHAT: Metrie Complete Pre-Painted shiplap

With vertical shiplap encompassing this space, Alyssa and Steve were able to bring their vision of the perfect playroom to life for their children.

Monika Hibbs fashions an enchanting nursery, encompassing vertical shiplap from Metrie Complete.

Source: Monika Hibbs

WHO: Monika Hibbs
WHERE: Nursery
WHAT: Metrie Complete Pre-Painted shiplap

It’s never too early to appreciate good style, even if it’s for a baby. Check out how Monika crafted this coastal-inspired nursery, made complete with our shiplap!


If you’ve enjoyed these spaces and want to find out a bit more about Metrie Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap then be sure to visit Metrie.com/CompleteShiplap!

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