Everything Old is New Again: A Q&A with Christa Pirl

May 30, 2016
by The Finished Space

Our #CaptionMetrieContest has gotten off to a great start! We’ve already crowned three winners, and week four is stacking up to be a great week as well.

A pivotal part of our contest was to feature the incredible design work of our community. So when Christa Pirl, of Christa Pirl Furnishings & Interiors, was named our first winner, we were thrilled to be able to feature her here on The Finished Space.

A little about Christa

Christa comes with an impressive background in interior design and furnishings. The designer grew up surrounded by art and design. Her parents designed and sold wallpaper and furniture, and she inherited her father’s love for antiques.

She studied design in London and Paris and received her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design in New York, and went on to complete her Masters degree in furniture history at Sotheby’s (we told you her background was impressive).

Christa brings her love of all things old and extensive experience in commercial and residential design into her current work, which focuses mostly on eclectic residential interiors, integrating modern and antique elements into livable spaces for modern lifestyles.

Everything old is new again

In the images Christa shared with us, her personal design philosophy of “everything old is new again” certainly shines through.

“I love reinventing historic patterns and forms for a new age,” said Christa. “I believe we can draw endless inspiration from the past.”

And we have to say, we’re loving how she showcases her philosophy in her work.

Christa’s favorite room

Christa’s favorite rooms to work on are small bathrooms.

“They become little jewel boxes that you can take risks with, use more expensive materials in, and be more bold with,” she explained.

We must agree that her bathrooms are jewel boxes we’d like to find ourselves relaxing in any day.

What about a favorite project?

“One of my favorite projects is the one I call ‘Chinoiserie in the Mountains.’ It is a master suite renovation that combines several styles and periods creating an alluring mix,” noted Christa.

Christa designed this room for a client who loves everything chinoiserie, but didn’t want this exotic style to overwhelm the space. She selected one key fabric that became the front throw pillow for the bed, and then drew inspiration, colors, textures and shapes from it.

“We ended up with a modern Lucite fan, a vintage 1930’s lounge chair reupholstered in a contemporary fabric, a chrome and snakeskin deco inspired bench, abstract and traditional artwork and accessories. A perfect mix!” she added.


We have a lot in common with Christa

We just knew we were going to love interviewing Christa just by clicking through her (very beautiful) website. We were thrilled to learn we have so much in common with her. Great minds share great taste! *wink*

We both believe in “Finish Before You Start”

Here at Metrie, we have a moto to, “Finish Before You Start,” and it seems that Christa gives her clients some similar advice.

“I always encourage my clients to have all major design decisions complete before any interior construction begins,” she explained.  “I work closely with clients early on to complete a full set of plans, detail drawings and specifications that makes it easy and clear for contractors and installers to work from.”

We both have a thing for moulding

“I usually work with the home builder to create custom door and molding styles that they build, but these are often sourced from something I have seen or a variation on a classic style,” explained Christa. “I can see the huge benefit of working with Metrie though, because you eliminate the guesswork in trying to recreate something each time.

The [Then & Now Finishings] Collections do an excellent job of reinventing traditional styles without feeling like you are living in a period room at a museum,” she added. “They are subtle, yet very effective at imbuing a space with a stylistic feeling.”

We both drawn to trim with strong, crisp lines and precise geometry

Christa told us that she adores the Very Square Collection.

“My two favorite historic styles are Empire and Art Deco, and this line feels as though it was plucked from a grand estate by John Soane and mixed with a Jean-Michel Frank penthouse,” she said. “I love the crisp edges, clean lines and the scale and bulk of the Collection.”

And we both love F. Scott Fitzgerald!

We asked Christa, if she could design a room for any celebrity, living or dead, who would it be and what room. And just like the rest of her designs and personality, her answer did not disappoint:

“I would choose F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald,” she said. “I would love to design for them in both New York and Paris at the height of the Roaring 20’s and the Art Deco style. Entertaining spaces are such fun, and they certainly knew how to throw a party!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Christa!

If you want to learn more about Christa, checkout her striking website and we also highly recommend following her on Instagram (@christapirl). She posts some truly inspiring photos.

Thank you to Christa for participating in our contest. We hope you get as much enjoyment from your gorgeous Hermès notebook as we feel F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald would!

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