Color me Doors!

July 20, 2017
by The Finished Space

The snow has melted, the rain has stopped, flowers have bloomed and summer is here to stay! With each day that goes by, the weather is getting more beautiful and that’s why it’s the perfect time to update your interior doors!

Interior doors are the gateway that confines our spaces and together with trim and they can dictate our space’s style.

So, let us take you on a tour of some of the fabulous interior doors you can get right now!

The Brooding Hideout

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Most doors swing to open and close, but not this one!

Korttany created a pocket door using our very own Fashion Forward Collection solid interior door. The door can recede into the wall and out of sight to reveal the guest bathroom.

We love how she chose to paint the door in a moody black, giving a contemporary feel that starkly contrasts with her white walls, making this door the focus of the space!


The Colorful En Suite

Old Home Love used our Pretty Simple doors in their master suite for Calling it Home’s Spring 2017 edition of the One Room Challenge, which is when they decided to paint the doors in a gorgeous earth-toned orange hue.  And we’re simply obsessed with the paint and decor choice as it adds a sense of warmth and regal essence to the space!  

The Inviting Bedroom

Erica Reitman opted out of using a solid door for a glass one.

We love how she chose a set of double Fashion Forward clear glass doors as the glass panels accentuate and highlight the crisp lines and unique shape of the door. Moreover, the doors add a beautiful touch to the room through offering a nice balance between privacy and open space.

Also, how adorable is that tassel?!

The Sleek Door

Masonite’s Heritage Series Lincoln Park door makes a feature in this space designed by Laura Lynn Fowler. The white Very Square Scene II baseboard and casing softens the charcoal gray door for a subtle juxtaposition. The hallway’s light color palette in tandem with the door’s sleek aesthetic creates a charming yet cool space.  

Take some inspiration from Masonite’s doors, brought to you by Metrie! We’re sure they’ll awaken your inner renovator!

The Sea of Gray

Our popular Fashion Forward Collection doors make a prominent appearance in this transformation by In House Design. Multiple pairs of the doors are placed side by side to create this magnetic look that put its viewers into a trance.

The Fashion Forward doors are undeniably the focal point of this studio space. The gold accented handles add a touch of luxe to the pale gray doors in which exudes a transitional atmosphere.

Regardless, we know we’d want to drop by this studio! Hint, hint.


That brings us to the conclusion of Color me Doors! Be sure to check out our doors and Instagram for more inspiration. And let us know what your favorite interior doors are in the comments below or on Twitter.