13 White Shiplap Design Ideas

August 3, 2021
by The Finished Space

White shiplap is no longer reserved for outdoor exterior décor. From accent walls and staircase faces to bathroom backsplashes and peek-a-boo shelf installations, here are thirteen innovative white shiplap design ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Creating Space with Shiplap

The horizontal shiplap in this room was expertly used to stretch the look of the ceiling, creating extra space with long and elegant dimensions. Paired with the natural wood grain light fixtures, this is the perfect look for a recreation room or attic bedroom. This dynamic presentation of parallel lines on the steepled ceilings creates a unique and awe-inspiring look that adds the appearance of extra space.

2. Elegant Accent Walls

Blank, white walls can get a little boring, so why not alter the dynamic of your room with shiplap? It still matches the elegant and minimal décor of the room while simultaneously making a statement. This room is designed for both function and relaxation with a white shiplap wall, a fireplace installation, and large, open windows.

3. Backsplashes and Vanities


There’s no reason to leave your vanity wall bare. In fact, this bathroom’s designer knows that a perfectly placed shiplap wall can create uniformity and calm, which is ideal for the bathroom. It was also brilliant to pair the white shiplap and cabinets with black countertops and hardware, giving this bathroom a modern and dynamic black and white aesthetic.

4. Spruce Up the Bedroom

The designer of this bedroom was innovative enough to utilize shiplap to create dimension without taking up space. This is an ideal option for bedrooms since they can sometimes feel cluttered or cramped. Using white shiplap on the walls creates symmetry, which makes the room feel peaceful and structured.

5. Wall-to-Wall Shiplap


We absolutely love the explosion of white shiplap in this elegant dining room. Not only was the horizontal shiplap used to perfection to blanket the walls, but it was also carried smoothly into the sides of the cabinet with sliding mini barn doors. This is an innovative and seamless example of incorporating shiplap into your entire design aesthetic, rather than just one piece or area.

6. Peek-A-Boo Shelving

Too many designers think you can’t add much to shiplap without causing clutter or dimension issues. This shelving installation is proof that it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Using shiplap to create vertical lines against horizontal shelving is an ingenious way of creating dimension in a space that is often left untouched.

7. Provide Directionality 


This is an incredibly unique and inspiring way to use shiplap. Notice how the design creates an arrow-shaped effect that points upward, which adds to the natural flow of the staircase. Plus, the stark contrast between the wood grain steps and white shiplap makes the edges of this staircase easy to see, which is perfect for anyone with visual impairment.

8. Framing Shiplap on the Ceiling

An experienced interior designer knows that creating dimension by using space often neglected is the best way to elevate a design aesthetic. This design is proof that there are multiple ways to use shiplap on your ceiling. By utilizing trim to create a frame that matches the crown moulding, this ceiling has been transformed into something unique. 

9. Elevate Your Sunroom


Sunrooms are the perfect place to utilize shiplap. Since they’re typically flooded with natural light, the shadows between the shiplap look even more dynamic, creating a stark and beautiful contrast. Paired with white furniture, hard lines, and grey hardwood flooring, this is the ideal place to spend a sunny afternoon.

10. Create a Farmhouse-Inspired Bathroom

This is the ideal bathroom for the modern farmhouse-inspired home. The horizontal lines create a striking contrast with the circular mirrors. The distressed wood double vanity and gold accents add sophisticated character to this already charming space.

11. Enhance the Look of Your Staircase

The horizontal white shiplap used in this entryway pairs seamlessly with the diagonal lines of the staircase. The moulding along the white banister, the elegant use of earth tones, and how the shiplap was expertly installed to match up on both walls, make this staircase the definition of picture-perfect.

12. A Kitchen Island with Character


Adding shiplap to a kitchen island is an incredible way to add character and personality to a fixture often neglected by designers. Notice the elegant use of trim to frame the shiplap, cutouts around the outlets for functionality, and an X-shape to create even more dimension. This is a clever and innovative use of white shiplap, proving how diverse this material really is.

13. Seating Areas with Dimension

Using white shiplap, soft-colored pillows, and elegant light fixtures, you can transform a normal seating area into space you actually want to occupy. Whether you’re going to finish getting dressed or cozy up with a good book, this space is the perfect place to do it.

Using White Shiplap in Your Home

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