Trim Worth Waiting For
December 8, 2016
by Shauna Oberg

Shauna Oberg, a bonafide design and decorating enthusiast and avid DIYer, provides us with her unique insights on the impact that interior finishings have in a space and how they can become a beautiful backdrop to life’s special moments – especially around the holidays!

From the moment we moved into our builder-grade home over a decade ago, there was a long list of changes I wanted to make. I could work around the blasé wall color and even some of the other interior selections that weren’t to my liking, but the trim definitely left something to be desired.

You see, our entire home was finished with skimpy red oak baseboards and door casings that darkened the rooms, closed everything in, and added absolutely no sense of character. I’m someone who knows white paint can be a miracle worker, but even it has its limitations when it comes to transforming a space.

Over the years, life in our home carried on with small projects here and there, but busy schedules meant we never quite found time to tackle bigger ones. Somehow, I learned to live with it, always keeping in mind that someday we’d bring our home to life with gorgeous new trim.

Last spring, after a lot of  hard work and patience, we finally decided to rip the bandaid off. We began renovating our entire main floor, including the entryway, powder room, laundry room, kitchen and staircase. Each and every room was updated using beautiful new interior finishings from Metrie.

The trim we selected is simple in design to match our personal style, which is somewhere between traditional and contemporary. That’s the beauty of interior finishings from Metrie. Start looking through their catalog and it doesn’t take long to see there’s a profile for everyone, even if you lean towards modern. In fact, I liked so many options that it was difficult to narrow it down to only a few. That’s a good problem to have.

We installed flatstock MDF in a shaker or craftsman style to match our new 3-panel doors. It’s the same classic look we selected for our basement development. Keeping styles consistent throughout a home does a great job of adding richness and continuity. Before, ours was far too busy with the disconnect between the white doors and red oak trim.

As part of our design plan, we increased the size of our baseboards and window casings too. It’s these kinds of small tweaks that truly freshen up a space and elevate it to new heights. Quite often it’s the simple changes that end up yielding the best returns.

One of the biggest transformations we made to our home during our renovation was upgrading our fireplace. Being the focal point of our living room and one of the spaces you first notice when you walk into our home, meant it was important to get the design right.

As you can see, our fireplace had far too much going on before with the arched top, textured finish, and red oak mantel. It was the center of attention, but not in a good way.

After covering over the textured surface and filling in the arch with new drywall, we created beautiful fireplace details using MDF, crown moulding, casing and door stop trim. Once everything was painted out, our fireplace gained the depth and visual interest it once lacked.

With careful planning, you can definitely achieve a high-end look without investing big in materials. Our fireplace project is a good indicator of that.

To create a seamless finish, we took the same style of crown moulding we used to create the mantel and carried it around the ceiling perimeter of the living room. It truly brought the space together.

Getting rid of the popcorn ceiling helped too. No matter the time of year, the whole room looks bright and fresh as a result.

Having a beautiful stand-alone fireplace means I don’t have to do too much in the way of decorating to make it come alive. Most of the year, it holds an antique mirror and a few seasonal items. Christmas is the one time of year when I go a little farther with the decor. I mean, who can resist bottle brush trees and snow globes?

Having a white background with gorgeous detailed trim allows everything else to come to the forefront. The design distractions that used to be a problem in our home are gone, and I no longer have to worry about colors clashing or patterns being too busy. Everything seems to work.

Those are the moments when I realize our new trim was worth the wait!

Shauna Oberg
Shauna Oberg, of Satori Design for Living, is an avid design and decorating enthusiast, a passionate DIYer, organizer, gardener, thrifter, baker and more! Shauna’s love of design began at a young age growing up on a farm in the Prairies of Alberta. While other girls would be caught reading teeny bopper magazines Shauna would be curating her affection of design by reading magazines like Better Homes and Gardens. Shauna eventually became a teacher, but in 2008 she was determined to share her love of all things design and founded Satori Design for Living and in 2011 Shauna began her blog, Satori Living, a lifestyle blog, as an outlet to share her clients projects and as a way to answer some of her most frequently asked questions. Since then Shauna has been an inspiration to the design and DIY community.