Trim Trends Around the World

July 5, 2019
by The Finished Space

Can’t get away this summer? Then transform your own home into a dream getaway with these hot trim trends inspired by hotspots around the world!

You don’t have to be rich to travel well” — Eugene Fodor

Check out these five spaces, located across the globe, for inspiration:

Pamela Ruiz's Havana salon embraces colorful pastels, and floor-to-ceiling trim pays homage to the city's Spanish Colonial history.

Source: Havana Live | Photography: Stefan Ruiz

WHO: Pamela Ruiz
WHERE: Havana Salon, Cuba

If you’ve ever taken a walk through Old Havana, you know Cuba doesn’t shy away from color! Pamela’s Shabby Chic Havana salon embraces tropical pastel blue and pink. Its Spanish Colonial trim enhances the height of the already tall room. You can replicate this mix of grandeur and island charm in your own space by introducing panel mould, moulded panel doors, and playing with pastel accents in your trim.


Capucine Plume's Haussmann apartment shows off France's ornate and luxurious style.

Source: One King’s Lane | Photography: Claude Weber/Interior Archive

WHO: Capucine Gougenheim-Geagea (a.k.a. Plume)
WHERE: Haussmann Apartment on Rue Saint Honoré, France

Capucine’s Paris apartment showcases the ornate and decorative style that originated with Georges-Eugène Haussmann. All about embracing contrast, this Parisian style mixes vintage furniture with luxurious gold accents, and rich colors with natural white walls. Trim to the nines, with painted white or gold moulding to give your space a decorated Parisian look.


a beautiful country home with a stunning ceiling treatment

Source: Architectural Digest | Photography: Oberto Gili

WHO: Amanda Brooks
WHERE: Fairgreen Farm in Cotswolds, England

Amanda’s cozy English Country home embraces farm life with floral textiles and subdued colors inspired by Mother Nature. This laid-back living room creates a cozy, rustic atmosphere with the exposed natural wood floors, staircase, and ceiling. Mixing these rustic elements with colored trim and doors creates an old-fashioned country look.

A gorgeous Brazilian farmhouse

WHO: Marília Ruschel | Ruschel Aquitetura
WHERE: Farm House, Brazil

In contrast to Amanda’s traditional country home, Marília creates a modern country villa in Brazil. While wood is similarly used on the floor, ceiling, and trim, the treatment is more refined and high-gloss. Light brown tones and ample natural lighting mixed with the minimalist furnishings give the villa an open and chic atmosphere.


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WHO: Sarah Susanka
WHERE: Zen Bungalow, Muskoka Lakes

This installment of Sarah’s Not So Big project is inspired by the Japanese principles of zen. Natural light, simple lines, and earthy tones and textures all contribute to a peaceful and functional minimalist space. Opt for real wood trim like Douglas-fir, oak, or hemlock against a white interior to give your space a natural warmth while maintaining a clean, functional look.

Now, you should have enough inspiration to transform your home into a cultural, trim-filled hub—no passport needed. Want to see your space on our blog? Be sure to tag @officialmetrie to show us your love for interior finishings!