Trend Watch: Artisan Explorer

August 27, 2019
by The Finished Space

We recently worked with top trend researchers and designers around the globe to uncover the latest design trends and found five stand-outs: 

  • Artisan Explorer
  • Pretty + Calm
  • Rustic Luxury
  • Urban Country
  • Minimal Opulence

This month, we’re breaking down the eclectic, worldly, and well-traveled Artisan Explorer trend:

Metrie Trend Report: Artisan Explorer

Jane Seaman, of Jane At Home

With globalization rapidly on the rise as well as technological advancements, there is more access and exposure to different cultures, customs, and ideas. Now, generations that have experienced this shift have developed a strong passion for travel and exploration. As a result, people may place experiences at a higher value over property and materialistic things.

Global Collections


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Bring cherished artifacts and cultural inspiration from your journeys into your home. Fill your space with:

  • Antique and vintage finds; heirlooms
  • Sculptures or souvenirs from a faraway land
  • Framed maps or pictures from your travels

Handcrafted Elements


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Celebrate all of the beauty and talent the world has to offer by incorporating:

  • Handwoven baskets and blankets
  • Exotic tapestries
  • Earthenware vases of all shapes and sizes

Color Pops & Textiles


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Choose colors and material that beg for a story to be told. Think:

  • Vibrant colors—orange, pink, and blue
  • Organically dyed yarn rugs
  • Playful patterns
  • Throw pillows with fringe or tassels
  • Greenery and planters

Interior Finishings

Metrie's Option {M} Bohemian style

This trend is all about artistic wall and ceiling treatments. Match the trend with trim profiles that are unique and decorative:

If this trend taps into your wanderlust side, explore our curated Pinterest board: