The Spring 2017 One Room Challenge Roundup: Week Five

May 5, 2017
by The Finished Space

We’re in the home stretch! It’s week five of Calling it Home’s Spring 2017 edition of the One Room Challenge. The design bloggers are just one week away from unveiling their final projects, and they’ve got some beautiful updates to share with us this week. Let’s check them out!

Trimspiration Progress


Erica 5

Hat tip: Erica Reitman

Erica has made a lot of progress on her guest house. We absolutely love the way the Fashion Forward clear glass doors take her space to the next level, and her door hardware choice is on point!

Joanna finished her millwork and painted her living/dining room. The space looks fantastic, and we can’t wait to see what it looks like styled and designed.


Jen is excited to finally be finished installing her interior finishings and painting her living room. The built in bookshelves and fireplace facelift are also complete. She’s still got a few things left to bring together, but it’s looking great!


Hat tip: Old Home Love

Andy and Candis finished their beautiful floors and moulding in their master suite. We love how the French Curves trim elements pair perfectly with the Pretty Simple doors in their space. Another standout feature in this space has to be the bed crown frame which undoubtedly takes this suite to the next level.

Let’s take a moment to admire Jennifer’s seriously gorgeous wall treatment! This week, she had her ceilings raised and updated the flooring in her formal dining room space. She also changed her color scheme from calm blues to vibrant greens.

Amanda painted her bedroom and bed frame and chose some glam doorknobs for her classic six-panel bi-fold closet doors that we absolutely love.



Source: Metrie

Cassie installed her rope stair railing and finished painting the top of the stairs in her entryway space.  She also made plans to have her True Craft doors installed.


Sarah is making amazing progress on the Naturopathic Clinic. The photo above displays the feature wall which was created using simple panel mould. Up next for Sarah is adding in the baseboards which will really put this space over the top.

Joann installed the French Curves Scene II crown moulding in her dining room. She also prepared the panel mould that will be used to elevate her china cabinet. Just a few final touches left and she’ll be done!

Shannon 5

Hat tip: Burlap & Lace

Shannon made great progress on her master bedroom by adding panel moulding to the walls. She also painted the room and moved her new headboard into the space. The room is starting to come together.

More ORC Progress Updates:

Glitter Guide: Caitlin’s master bedroom is coming together nicely. She loves her new king bed, and she looks forward to sleeping on it after long days of designing for the ORC.

Chris Loves Julia: Julia and Chris spent time on artwork and hung a mobile in their daughter’s nursery.

Suburban B’s: Erin hung the hanging rattan swing in her daughter’s bedroom and has been careful not to reveal too much of the room before next week.

Old Brand New: This week was all about artwork and lighting for Dabito’s dining room.

Lark & Linen: Jacquelyn made incredible progress in her living room. So much so, that she shared the final touches on her space. She finished early and is eager to show everyone her final look.

Christine Dovey: Christine was busy in week five! She put up wallpaper and painted her entire basement. Her contractor is working on building a bookshelf, daybed, and pouring a fireplace ledge, as well.

Erin Williamson: Erin is tired, but her kitchen is really coming along. She’s painted and had the flooring installed, and her appliances arrive next week.

Vanessa Francis Design: Vanessa drove down to the United States to pick up her cozy looking office chair for her office. The artwork arrived, as well, and she is excited to put the finishing touches on her space. We can’t wait to see how her built-in workspace comes out.

Madness & Method: Nicole painted the floors in her brother’s bathroom. She has a fair amount left on her to-do list, but we’re confident she’ll pull it off.

Bigger Than the Three of Us: Ashley modernized and painted her railings in her entryway and stairway space.

The Honeycomb Home: Roxanne and her husband installed vinyl flooring in their daughter’s bedroom. We loved the step-by-step guide she put together explaining how they did it. The space looks great.

Thanks for checking in. It won’t be long until we’re all drooling over the finished spaces of all these amazing designers and design bloggers. You definitely won’t want to miss our round up of all the gorgeous big reveals next week!

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