Surprise Makeovers for Two Super-Moms

August 2, 2017
by The Finished Space

During this week’s amazing back-to-back episodes of Reno, Set, Go!, celebrity designer Cheryl Torrenueva and contractor Roger Morin took part in two surprise makeovers for a pair of super-moms!

Without further ado, let us get straight into this week’s heart-warming episodes.

Episode Seven: Insta Family

Married couple Cort and Nicole had been trying to start a family for quite some time. After a while with no success, Cort and Nicole adopted their seven-year-old daughter, Eryka, last year. However, shortly after adopting Eryka, Nicole found out she was pregnant. Talk about coincidental timing!

But when baby Jack was prematurely born four months too early, the couple were caught off guard and unprepared, to say the least. Forced to adapt, Nicole ended up quitting her job and now spends more than half her day at the neonatal intensive care unit with Jack.

Nicole’s husband Cort wants to not only showcase his appreciation but also take away some of his wife’s burdens by surprising her with a highly unique and custom nursery—a place to be Nicole and Jack’s sanctuary.

And let us just say, the results were phenomenal! Cheryl and Roger, along with the rest of the ‘Reno, Set, Go!’ cast conquered this makeover!

The former nursery room was used as a cluttered storage room due to the baby’s abrupt early arrival. But now the family has a cherishable space to watch their baby boy grow!

We thought it was amazing how Cheryl got a local artist to create an original and custom mural of ‘Jack the Rabbit’ on the wall! How adorable and clever is that!

Not to mention, we love how Roger decided to add shelving into the closet for additional storage space. With that being said, we’re not only grateful but very happy that the show included solid interior doors from our Fashion Forward Collection for this deserving super-mom! We absolutely love Cheryl’s paint choice for the doors, as it highlights its architectural details.

The entire nursery exudes such personality and character. Now, who wouldn’t want a space like this?

But don’t just take from us! Watch Nicole’s stunned reaction to this beautiful nursery on HGTV Canada!

Episode Eight: Double Trouble

While David was undergoing cancer treatments, his wife Stephanie became his motivator, supporter, and caregiver. Not only that, Stephanie became the household’s sole income provider all the while looking after their infant twins. The couple’s twins are now one year old and have begun taking over the living and dining room.

Now, there is no place left for either living or dining. So, David wants to surprise his wife with a new space! A new functional living and dining room where the family can spend proper time together and begin making beautiful memories.

Enter the ‘Reno, Set, Go!’ team! Cheryl and Roger had little time but big visions. With a lot of help from family and friends, the cast completely transformed the space!

The results are absolutely stunning!

We love how the cast painted the crown moulding from our French Curves Collection in a crisp white paint to starkly contrast the royal blue walls!

The crown moulding not only adds visual interest in the space but it offers a heightened illusion as well, making the space appear more spacious than it previously did.

The dining area now has a table where the family can share sacred meals together! We also have to mention those fabulously refurbished chairs, as they add such a rustic and chic element to the space!

Moreover, we adore how the team used our flat stock to create this raised wainscot wall treatment! The wall treatment is coated in a crisp white paint as it complements the crown moulding in contrasting the blue walls. Using the same color palette in both the dining area and living room create a cohesive ambiance!

Congratulations to Cheryl and Roger as well as the rest of the ‘Reno, Set, Go!’ team for a job well-done! This surprise makeover was truly fabulous! Now, be sure to head over to HGTV Canada to watch Stephanie’s reaction because you’re not going to want to miss it!

P.S. it’d be a good idea to keep a box of tissues handy in this tear-jerking episode.

Let us know down below or through Twitter what your thoughts are of these makeovers, and be sure to revisit The Finished Space for more episode recaps and trimspiration worthy posts!