19 Shiplap Wall Design Ideas

September 27, 2020
by The Finished Space

DIY-friendly shiplap wood boards will add depth, texture, and personality to your living room, office space, kitchen, children’s area — or any room or space in your home. Versatile shiplap accommodates all styles, including farmhouse, modern, rustic, even chic and refined, or you can create your own unique design for something more artistic or whimsical. Please read on for 19 Shiplap Design Ideas for your home: 

1. Behind Shelving

https://metrie.com/shiplap/ Credit: Cameron St. Visual Storytelling, Coco & Jack

The white shiplap used vertically behind the tan shelving adds texture and personality to this tailored living room. The shiplap also draws the eyes upward, creating the illusion of width, while the upholstered furniture and carpet runners add layered depth to the space.

2. Kitchen Accent Wall

The rustic white shiplap accent wall contributes to the horizontal patterns found throughout the kitchen: the subway tiles, the flooring, the blue bench, and even the kitchen island. These consistent patterns and layers not only make the room appear larger but produces a sense of harmony and tranquility.

3. In a Child’s Room


Vertical shiplap creates instant hygge in a child’s room — warmth, coziness, and relaxation. The warm-grey bench and pillows offer texture and depth against the solid white walls, providing a peaceful, quiet reading nook in a children’s room.  

4. Dark Grey


For this rustic-farmhouse bedroom, dark-grey shiplap paneling creates a bold statement, adding texture and warmth to the space. The contrasting bright-white window trim adds interest and provides a focal point, bringing the daylight into the homey bedroom. The light colors of the floor and ceiling further add brightness to the space.

5. Behind the Bathroom Vanity


White shiplap provides a backsplash to this modern farmhouse bathroom, creating a clean, crisp feel to the room. Applying the shiplap horizontally makes the small space appear more expansive. 

6. Around the Fireplace

DIY-friendly shiplap panels will help you quickly and easily design an accent wall around your fireplace, creating a focal point in the room and a cozy sitting area for you and your friends and family. With quality shiplap boards and a few power tools, anyone can install shiplap. 

7. Horizontal Blue

For a dramatic and personalized room, consider an accent wall with shiplap painted a deep, dark color. The pop of color creates a unique space with lots of depth and texture, representing your own individual style.   

8. Vertical Shiplap


The clean lines of white vertical shiplap lift the eyes upward, making the interior seem taller and more spacious — an ideal product for basement walls. 

9. Create a Farmhouse-Style Stairwell

Horizontal shiplap walls pair wonderfully with the staircase’s diagonal lines and vertical elements, giving the space a welcoming vibe of a farmhouse The use of solid white on the walls, banisters, risers, and moldings draws your eyes to the wooden steps, prompting you either up or down the stairs. The continuation of horizontal lines from shiplap to the staircase creates the illusion of a more expanded space. 

10. As a Bathroom Wrap-Around

Light-colored horizontal shiplap in a tiny half-bath makes the room seem bigger and adds warmth and charm to the space. The dark wooden sink adds depth and texture to the solid white walls. The mirror enhances the illusion of a larger area.

11. As a Headboard Accent Wall


Installing a vertical shiplap accent wall as a backdrop to the plush headboard and contemporary bedside tables adds character and texture to this tiny bedroom. The shiplap and the monochromatic color scheme help make the room look inviting and fresh. 

12. On the Ceiling

For this modern, sleek kitchen, applying white shiplap to the ceiling produces harmony and a sense of continuity to the room’s clean lines. The bright-white shiplap also provides a sharp contrast to the black lighting fixtures and countertop. Running the shiplap parallel to the room’s longest width makes the area look more prominent and draws attention to the window and outdoors — the room’s focal point. 

13. Two-Tone Neutral Half Walls

Tan-horizontal shiplap on three fourths of the wall, topped with several feet of cream-painted wall, provides texture and warmth to this modern yet rustic home office. The clean, minimalistic style emphasizes the view out the expansive windows, creating a natural-organic feel to the room. 

14. In the Dining Area


Vertical shiplap panels are the perfect addition to a modern but homey dining area. The vertical lines boldly contrast with the horizontal open shelving and add texture to the space. Choosing white for the walls, window dressings, trim, baseboards, and cabinets brings a cohesive feel to the room, allowing the beautiful wood dining table to stand out. 

15. In the Living Room


An accent wall with light-colored horizontal shiplap transforms this narrow living room into a cozy and functional seating area. The shiplap adds texture and depth to the space and also makes the area appear more expansive. Applying horizontal shiplap perpendicular to the accent wall, like on the hallway in this photo, gives the illusion of lengthening the room. 

16. Around the Backsplash


The shiplap accent wall around the backsplash of this contemporary-farmhouse kitchen adds pattern and texture. The different lines of the horizontal shiplap, hardwood floor, and cabinetry make a bold, welcoming statement that will draw your family into the dining space. 

17. A Shiplap Fireplace Mantle


A horizontal shiplap on the overmantel, surround, and outer hearth makes this fireplace a focal point, drawing the eye up, and giving the space height. The natural-raw barn wood grain variation adds depth and texture, contributing to the room’s rustic style. 

18. In a Bunkbed Room


White shiplap creates the ideal backdrop to these custom-built bunk beds, creating a nautical feel. The smooth texture of the shiplap and wood flooring provide a serene sense of symmetry to this fun and comforting sleeping room. The navy and white striped bedding and dark curtains add depth for the perfect finishing touch.

19. As a Backsplash


If doing an entire room in shiplap overwhelms you, try installing it in a little space, like the breakfast nook in your kitchen. Shiplap will brighten and add depth to the area. However, shiplap must avoid too much humidity exposure because it can retain moisture, becoming damaged if not sealed completely. Metrie recommends protecting cut ends with a primer before painting or touching up, if using a pre-painted shiplap like Metrie Complete.

Get the Look You Desire with Metrie Shiplap Products  

DIY-friendly Metrie shiplap products can help you quickly and easily transform any room in your home into a charming and cozy space. We offer two styles of shiplap: 

Metrie Complete pre-painted and primed Option {M} Modern Farmhouse.


With DIY-friendly Metrie Complete pre-painted shiplap, you can transform the look of a  room to modern-farmhouse, rustic, bohemian, and even industrial in just one weekend. They come primed and painted in a Polar-White color, making them ideal for any decor. If you are ready to add interest and character to your home, consider starting with quick and easy to install Metrie Complete shiplap. 


Option {M}™ Modern Farmhouse shiplap merges rustic with contemporary elements to create rooms with clean lines and minimal details. Option {M}™ Modern Farmhouse shiplap comes primed and ready for any paint color you want — perfect for an accent wall. You should consider pairing the shiplap with the Modern Farmhouse trim and door products for a cohesive design. In two short days, you can transform your home into a modern farmhouse with DIY-friendly Option {M}™ Modern Farmhouse shiplap. 

Please contact your local Metrie dealer for more shiplap wall ideas using Metrie products