Shiplap | Everything You Need to Know

July 30, 2018
by The Finished Space

Whether you’re part of the interior design world or not, you’ve probably heard about shiplap. Part of its popularity could be traced back to Chip and Joanna Gaines, of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, who love to incorporate it into the majority of their spaces (quite beautifully might we add). But you might be wondering, what exactly is shiplap?

Metrie's Option {M}'s Modern Farmhouse kitchen and dining area.

In laymen terms, shiplap is essentially a type of wooden board. It can be used as a wall treatment when the boards are stacked on top of each other until the wall is completely filled in, as pictured on the left wall from the image above.

Traditionally, it was used to construct the exterior of rustic buildings or abodes, such as sheds and barns. It has a groove cut into the top, which allows the pieces to fit nicely together, like a puzzle, while leaving a slight gap between each stacked board. This slight gap gives it its unique and distinctive aesthetic.

Rise to Popularity

Bringing the outdoors inside has never been more true for this product, which was once solely used for exterior purposes. From homeowners to designers, and even contractors, shiplap has become highly sought after for interiors. Aside from the Fixer Uppers’ admiration for the product, the rise in the use of shiplap could be attributed to its rustic charm, subtle texture, and visual interest.

Shiplap varies in dimensions and species. So whether you’re using wood, or the more affordable but just as beautiful alternative, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) species, you can always find the right type to fit your design style!


Planning to bring shiplap into the privacy of your own bedroom? Take a cue from Brittany, of The Vintage Rug Shop. Its subtle texture and rustic charm make this cozy bedroom all the more inviting! Just imagine how fabulous it would be to curl up with a good book in this oasis.

Although commonly seen in white, shiplap can be painted any color! This bold powder room from Tim Mahaffy, CEO of Medallion Industries, is stirring up some serious design envy.

Influencer Monika Hibbs' laundry room embraces Metrie's shiplap.

Hat Tip: Monika Hibbs

Not everyone likes to clean, and we don’t blame them, but we’re certain that doing chores feels a little less cumbersome in this exquisite laundry room that has been designed by Monika Hibbs.

Coco & Jack's reading nook adorns Metrie Complete pre-painted shiplap.

Hat Tip: Coco & Jack

You probably noticed, but in case you didn’t, you can install shiplap vertically! Now, the direction of it is entirely based on your personal preference. However, installing it vertically or horizontally offers a unique appeal.

Installing shiplap horizontally will help draw your eyes along the length of the room and thus, giving your space a widened effect. Meanwhile, vertical installation help bring the eye upwardsgiving your space a heightened-illusion for a further spacious atmosphere.

Just take some inspiration from Coco & Jack’s adorable reading nook, above!

For the Calling it Home’s Spring 2018 One Room Challenge, Krista, of The Happy Housie, made waves in her son’s bedroom makeover, using our shiplap and beach-themed decor.

All in all, this space is certainly making a splash in our vision board!

Designer and influencer Lisa Canning elevates her cabin home with Metrie's shiplap.

Hat Tip: Lisa Canning

Save us a seat inside this cozy retreat, designed by Lisa Canning! This space proves that shiplap works well in more modern or transitional spaces, too. Velvety textures and a warm palette paired with interior finishings make this space anything but bland!

A close up image of a nursery room featuring Metrie Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap

Here lies an adorable owl-themed nursery that has not only captured our hearts but also our dreams. The blue shiplap offers a touch of contemporary style to this otherwise whimsical nursery.

Looking to Bring Shiplap Home?

If you’re wondering where you can buy shiplap then we’ve got the solution! Introducing Option {M} Modern Farmhouse and Metrie Complete Pre-Painted shiplap. In fact, all the spaces featured above used our shiplap. So, don’t get left behind in the world of design—embrace its undeniable charm, during the #SummerOfShiplap!

Metrie Completemetrie-complete

Metrie Complete pre-painted shiplap is the perfect product to help you transform a room in just one weekend. The shiplap boards are already primed and painted in a Polar-White color, making it perfect for any decor scheme. There’s no need for paint prep, or paint to clean up—just install and you’re done!

Option {M} Modern Farmhouse

optionm-logoIf you love clean lines with minimal details,  merging contemporary with rustic elements, then this style is certainly for you! Shiplap from this style is a perfect way to help you transform your space. For an even more on-trend Modern Farmhouse look, use the trim and door combinations to enhance your space for a cohesive design.



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