Selena Gomez’s Endearing Bungalow Could Be Yours!

July 10, 2018
by The Finished Space

The heart wants what it wants, and for us, that is to call Selena Gomez‘s California bungalow our home! Coincidentally, the “Bad Liar” singer, actress, and entrepreneur is putting this space up for sale!

Guarded by opaque gates and impenetrable tall hedges, this East Coast-inspired abode with a detached guest house gets all the privacy it needs!

The exterior view of Selena Gomez's Studio City's bungalow.

Source: Variety

The exterior of the home is bursting with beautiful greenery and flowers that give this space an inviting ambiance. The bold green door and window panes definitely give this house a sense of personality and elevated curb appeal.

Open-plan living space adorns simplistic interior finishings.

Source: Variety

Despite being a bungalow, the home’s open-plan allow light to permeate throughout the space to create a more spacious atmosphere. While the crown moulding build-up on top of the kitchen cabinetry offers a heightened illusion, as it draws the eyes upwards to the ceiling.

Selena Gomez charming dining room

Source: Variety

The dining room is encased with beadboard and chair rail, which offers a touch of formality, in an otherwise whimsical and cheerful space.

Selena's eclectic living room

Source: Variety

The beadboard continues in Selena’s living room. We love how the beadboard ledge also doubles as shelving, lending an opportunity to display decor. This space is beaming with bohemian vibes with a touch of greenery, a tantalizing rug, and a funky neon sign.

Bedroom embraces interior finishings for added visual interest.

Source: Variety

We cannot help but notice the focal wall in this large bedroom, its cheery blue hue instantly brightens up our mood!

We adore how the seating area showcases a subtle yet still very beautiful window treatment, which complements the crown moulding for a cohesive aesthetic throughout the bedroom.

Selena Gomez's ensuite accompanied by both a tub and standing shower.

Source: Variety

This marble-clad bathroom offers you both a tub and a standing shower, because who doesn’t like having options? Meanwhile, the bathroom not only offers a double vanity but also plenty of storage space, so you can finally organize and tuck your beauty products neatly away.

Selena Gomez's home gym showcases interior finishings.

Source: Variety

Trim and moulding even makes its way into this home gym. The crown moulding and baseboard work in alliance to give this space a touch of visual interest. While floor-to-ceiling mirrors work in tandem with the large bay window to create an open and airy environment, because no one likes to break a sweat in a cramped space.

The backyard of Selena Gomez's Studio City is protected by impenetrable hedges for the ultimate privacy.

Source: Variety

The backyard is towered over by luscious, thick and tall hedges that will give you all the privacy you need, especially when taking a dip into the pool. Now, can you imagine how fabulous it would be to have a summer party here with some cocktails and mimosas, accompanied with a festive barbecue? Cause we sure can!

This concludes our tour of Selena Gomez’s charming space. Comment down below and let us know if you would love to call this space your home. Otherwise, if you aren’t fully persuaded, click here to see the rest of the house! We have a feeling you will be swooning for this space before you even know it.