Sarah Richardson’s Unvarnished Designs are Catching Eyes!

October 5, 2017
by The Finished Space

Episode Four: Principled Design

Building a house is not an easy achievement, not to mention if it’s a dream home that’s off the grid! As we make our way through episode four of this six-part series, the show offers an unvarnished look at celebrity designer Sarah Richardson’s life. ‘Sarah Off the Grid dives into the designer’s daily life as she juggles the role of being a mother, a business owner, and for the first time, the role of being a general contractor with her husband Alexander Younger.

In this episode, despite postponing the completion date, trouble arises creating a domino effect that could put the designer’s entire project further behind schedule. Regardless, with the help of Sarah’s long-time co-conspirator plus collaborator, Tommy Smythe, she was able to fashion the principal suite and it was exquisite—to say the least!

Now, check out this episode’s memorable moments that’ll leave you swooning!

The Den

Metrie's Very Square poplar chair rail frames Sarah Richardson's door.

Source: HGTV Canada

First up in this reveal is the den! The den is not only directly connected to the couple’s master bedroom, but also serves as the only access point to the area. We love the floor to ceiling wall treatment, which adds a pretty and decorative country feel to the space while giving the walls texture and depth! And who would’ve guessed that you could re-create that same look and feel with our flat stock!

Sarah Richardson fashioned a stunning den right off her master bedroom on 'Sarah Off the Grid.'

Source: HGTV Canada


We adore the unique way Sarah used the primed fingerjoint poplar chair rail from our Very Square Collection to frame the door. Its thick profile encased around the door really helps the doorway pop!

On the other side of this den is a stunning fireplace that boasts a unique combination of wood and marble for the ultimate extravagant finish, yet still rustic and charming!

The taller baseboards from our Fashion Forward Collection adds more drama to the walls. The larger interior finishings add much visual interest and complexity to this space in which exudes luxe!

The Master Bedroom

Metrie's Fashion Forward Collection Scene III baseboards makes a dazzling appearance in Sarah Richardson's dream room.

Source: HGTV Canada

Next up on this tour is this white and bright master bedroom! The white and grey color palettes are complementary of each other and offer a classic country vibe in the space. We love the carved details for it adds a regal essence in this space, which can be traced to the reupholstered bench and the base of the canopy!

Baseboards from Metrie's Fashion Forward Collection featured in Sarah Richardson's space.

Source: HGTV Canada


However, can we really talk about how gorgeous this space is without mentioning the walls? We think not! We’re relishing over the wall treatment! Sarah used panel mould on her walls and painted them in for a grand and sumptuous ambiance! The panel mould not only adds texture and depth to the walls, being a crisp white it also brighten up the space.

Meanwhile, we love how the same large baseboard from our Fashion Forward Collection is found in this space too! Its large profile is complemented by the crown moulding, which not only frames the walls and ceiling but also provides even more height and grandeur to the space.

The Lavishing Bathroom

Sarah Richardson designed a fabulous and extravagant bathroom.

Source: HGTV Canada

The marble-embellished bathroom is the final stop in this episode recap, but there is plenty to talk about! This space not only has a fabulous stand-up shower with dual rain showerheads but also a marvelous modern soaker tub! Now, why go to the spa when you have this elaborate retreat in your own home?

Despite being so large, this vanity feels anything but bulky due to its slim depth and lustrous hardware! A simple but crisp white finish and calacatta marble top oozes a lavishing atmosphere.

Generally, these spaces of the principal suite showcase a combination of practicality with a lot of style! As Sarah’s long-term design collaborator Tommy Smythe would say, “this is Sarah at her absolute color-palette zenith…it is Sarah Richardson as a room,” and we couldn’t agree more!

Now, make sure you head on over to HGTV Canada to watch the full episode or browse through the continuously updated gallery! But don’t forget to tune into the show on Sundays at 10pm EDT! You’re guaranteed to be swooning!

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