Royal Weddings of the Past

May 16, 2018
by The Finished Space

Despite the stress of planning, weddings can be an amazing time! It is a day in which a couple can celebrate and demonstrate their affection and commitment towards each other; it is a day rooted in love and joy. Not to mention, it is a perfect occasion to gather all of your loved ones together.

However, what could be more dramatic and eventful than a normal wedding? Well, that could very well be a royal wedding! From exquisite wedding locations, which boast resplendent interior finishings, to having the world watching the ceremony, royal weddings are certainly a highly anticipated event.

So, let us take a quick walk down memory lane and showcase some of the fabulous venues and locations royal weddings have taken place.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral in London boasts opulent and regal interior finishings.

The dome (left image) and the altar (right image) | Source: Visit London & Wikipedia

First up, Prince Charles and Princess Diana commemorated their love for each other at the St. Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981. The stunning Cathedral is located in the heart of London, United Kingdom, and boasts ornate interior finishings that have our jaws dropping!

We absolutely adore the stone-carved wall paneling, as it offers greater visual-depth and interest to the space. Do you want to replicate the wall paneling in your own space? Then it’s time to discover our panel mould. Meanwhile, the altar has our eyes drifting upwards to the golden, sky-high, dome ceiling. The impeccable ceiling treatment really does elevate this space to new heights!

Westminster Abbey

Moving across the city, to Westminster Abbey, where Prince William and Princess Catherine tied the knot on April 29, 2011. We are awestruck by the grand pillars and a magnificent ceiling that is juxtaposed against the warm and brass tones found throughout the seating area that has been encased with lavish baseboards and exquisite wood details.

St. George’s Chapel

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will commemorate their royal wedding at the trimspiring St. George's Chapel.

The Chapel (left image) and the quire room (right image) | Source: CNN

On May 19, 2018, actress turned Princess, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry will celebrate their wedding ceremony at St. George’s Chapel, located in Windsor, United Kingdom.

As you walk through the chapel, you’re greeted by portraits and sculptures adjoined by a wall treatment. Contrasting the castle’s grey exterior, the chapel adorns a charming honey-colored stonework that gives this place an undeniable sense of warmth. The view into the quire room boasts bright lights that highlight the excellent craftsmanship through this space.

As we gaze at this beautiful chapel in awe from its interior finishings, we progress to recognize the greater importance of this castle. This place has deep ties to the royal family, as it has been a place of prayer, ritual, royal christenings, and marriages, as well as burials and funerals. In fact, 10 British Kings have been buried in the vaults located on the premise of the St. George’s Chapel.


This concludes the journey. Although all these venues were magnificent, to say the least, let us know which space is your favorite in the comments down below!

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