Presenting: Iverson’s Lumber Company’s Newly Remodeled Showroom

April 10, 2019
by The Finished Space

Jumpstart your spring project planning by visiting Iverson’s Lumber Company’s newly remodeled showroom!

For over 70 years, Iverson’s Lumber Company has been a well-respected Registered Metrie Dealer, offering interior finishings and a highly-trained millwork division, as well as lumber and hardware in Michigan.

Bob Brown of Iverson's Lumber Company

Manager Bob Brown, of Iverson’s Lumber Company

We sat down with long-time employee and manager, Bob Brown, to get the scoop on the showroom and what people can expect when they attend the re-opening happening Thursday, April 18. Bob has been with the company since the specialty showroom opened in ’97, initially setting up the warehouse and display rooms, until advancing into a General Manager role in 2003, overseeing purchases, sales, and keeping the showroom on-trend.

“Nice, bright, and very well-thought-out” Bob explained when referring to the showroom. The showroom will display a variety of products, including kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, along with Metrie’s Option {M} styles and Finishing Collection mouldings.

Take a sneak peek below:

Bob explained, “There’s significant variety in what we’re showing, particularly with Option {M}. There’s enough variety that people will be able to find something that they like that’s affordable. Our showroom is like Pinterest coming to life. You’ve got a style and we’ve got a selection of products laid out to quickly identify your home decor taste, and match it to the corresponding on-trend products. Whether you are a homeowner, builder, designer, contractor, or architect, Iverson’s has the showroom to suit your needs.” 

What to Expect

Speaking of being on-trend, we also discussed the current design trends as well as popular interior finishings in Michigan with Bob:

He predicts larger moulding profiles will be in high demand for 2020, along with a growing excitement around the Vintage Industrial look.  You can also checkout Metrie’s Trend Report for this year’s latest trends, from color palettes to trim profiles.

When asked why the need for remodeling, Bob referred to the change in the market, in the trends, and the difference in the purchase journey between online and in-store. He emphasized the opportunity the showroom offers by being able to see trim profiles and other offerings up-close and in-person.

“People need to have a place to come and look,” Bob explained. “They can see what we have in a real-world application,” he continued, “That, in turn, is why we partner with Metrie.”

By visiting the showroom, customers will be able to envision how the trim will look installed in their own space. With spring refreshes on everyone’s mind, Bob ensures attending the showroom will benefit DIYers, who may be in the early stages of planning, builders, product spec’ing for a client, and anyone else ready to update their space.


If you are interested in visiting the newly remodeled showroom, it’s located at 1664 N Milford Rd Highland, MI 48357. For more information, Facebook is the best place for all of Iverson’s Lumber Company’s upcoming events and updates. You can also contact them here for other inquiries.


Iverson’s Lumber Company is made up of a dedicated group of individuals. They offer a variety of support services, such as in-home delivery, sales estimating, and on-the-job field measurements for windows and trim packages. They believe in a customer-first atmosphere and improving the quality of your home. Visit their website for more information.