Monthly Moodboard Inspiration: Terrene Homes

November 22, 2017
by The Finished Space

Ensuring your dining room is in tip-top shape to host a holiday feast can be stressful. Not to worry, whether you need immediate decor inspiration or larger makeover ideas, this moodboard has just what you need to impress your guests this season.

Inspired by Terrene Homes, a former entry into our 2016 Builder & Designer Challenge, this month’s moodboard focuses on an elegant, welcoming dining room. A soft palette, on-trend transitional furniture, and timeless interior finishings are the building blocks for this classic space.

Inspired by Terrene Homes, a former entry into Metrie's 2016 Builder & Designer Challenge, this month’s moodboard focuses on an elegant, welcoming dining room

The first thing that struck us when we saw the room was the color palette: cool greys, warm browns, and crisp whites look beautiful together with the natural light flooding through the large window.

Topped with rustic, but sophisticated, furniture and muted decor, the design of this room is focused on letting the classic interior finishings shine through. Terrene Homes combined two of our Then & Now Finishing Collections, along with regional profiles, to achieve a refined craftsman look. Using the modern lines of our Very Square baseboard and the warmth and honesty of our True Craft casing, they were able to create this homey space. 

We just love the understated style of this dining room, but we also love the functionality! With a console table on one side and a bar and China cabinet combination on the other, you’ll have all the storage you’d ever need.

Take a closer look at this gorgeous design and steal some ideas for your own dining room with this month’s moodboard.

Soft palettes and rustic touches give this space a cozy feel.

Are you as in love with this style as we are? Let’s break it down a little:

Eager to own that dining table? Be sure to look for a mid-tone wood, with turned legs, and a rustic top like this one we foundThe console table has a similar look; rustic with a few small drawers but no cabinets. 

Next on your shopping list is going to be a traditional area rug with an intricate pattern, in a neutral color, and an unexpected abstract canvas in a matching tone.

Finally, anchor the room with a transitional chandelier, similar to the one in our Pinterest board below, paired with recessed lighting for flexibility (we’re thinking full light for a midday Thanksgiving, or muted lighting for a romantic dinner for two).

Be sure to check out our curated Transitional Dining Room board for more tips and ideas to replicate this style in your own home. In need more of inspiration? Discover our other moodboards, too! Happy Pinning!


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