October 5, 2016
by The Finished Space

Spotted! Ikons are on trend for fall and we can’t help feeling inspired!

A few weeks ago we challenged the fabulous bloggers at BlogPodium to show us how creative they could get with the Metrie Ikons. And here’s what happened:




“If you get into your life and rip things apart and learn how things are created, then you’re the master of your work. Ask questions, get dirty, and don’t be afraid to use your own hands. Put your hands on your life.” — @thetiffanypratt, #BlogPodium16. I’ve been buzzing with inspiration from last Saturday’s @blogpodium conference all week, and this afternoon I put it into a DIY with the @officialmetrie Ikon (the decorative wood block) from our swag bags. I’d love to use the Ikon everywhere in my space, so I turned it a stamp for napkins, table runners, totes, stationery — all kinds of things! Have you ever carved your own stamps? It’s so fun! To make this one, I put a piece of paper over the block and made a rubbing of the design with a pencil, traced the design on that rubbing with a fine-point marker, pressed it onto a piece of rubber to transfer the image, carved the design out of the rubber with a stamp carving knife and then glued the design to the Ikon. Which was all easier than it sounds (really!) — just the carving part was a bit tricky. If you decide to give it a try, let me know — I’d love to see your homemade stamps! (And if you have questions about supplies or anything else, ask away!) A photo posted by Julie (@trysmallthings) on


Picked up a few new books this month time to start making bookends #mymetrieikon A photo posted by Katherine Bellman (@tea.journey) on



And the winner of the #MyMetrieIkon Sweepstakes was Nicole, of Q-Schmitz Home Design & DIY:

We hope you enjoy your new Nespresso VeurtuoLine and Anthropologie mugs, Nicole! And a huge thank you to all the other bloggers who entered our sweepstakes! We just loved how creative the submissions were.

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