Monthly Moodboard Inspiration: Ivory Homes

June 12, 2017
by The Finished Space

This month’s moodboard is coming to you straight from Ivory Homes and is one of the most exquisite renovations we’ve ever seen. Ivory Homes took the fundamentals of this home and turned it into a modern, elegant space while making it look so easy. For a month, we studied the foyer of this open concept home (one of our top 25 entries in our 2016 Builder & Designer Challenge), while getting glimpses of the bold dining room and inviting living room. Don’t worry, we took notes so you don’t have to.


Don’t you just feel more tranquil looking at this moodboard? If we could come home to this every night, we wouldn’t need to meditate. The first thing that struck us was the deceptively simple palette. We’ve all seen boring homes decorated in gray, white and black, but this home is a study in how to keep it interesting.

Building the Palette from the Ground Up

The pale gray wood floors flowing through the entire first floor are attention grabbing and set a modern tone for the space. As your eyes move upward, you’re confronted with a large expanse of creamy white walls (get the look with Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White), skillfully broken up by black doors and window panes, all framing natural light. Finally, the simple coffered ceiling blends modern lines and elegant style with the help of interior finishings from our Very Square Collection. From top to bottom, the canvas of this room is anything but blank, in fact, it’s so visually interesting that the decor needed to be chosen carefully so it wouldn’t outshine the rest of the room.


Decor Accents that Complement

The first piece that greets you in the foyer is a beautiful shagreen table (get the look with this). The blend of natural and metallic textures combined with an incredibly simple silhouette makes it the perfect piece in the foyer—bold enough to stand on its own but such a perfect fit that it doesn’t take away from the rest of the space. Above the table is the first pop of gold in the space, a delicate gold leaf chandelier. This fixture continues the modern, yet elegant theme, which is no easy feat. These two elements, along with white orchids, are the only decor pieces in the foyer, but the room feels anything but bare.

Peek Around the Corner with our Pinterest Board

Head over to our curated Pinterest board for a peek into the living and dining room just around the corner. From paint colors to furniture to extra pieces, we’ve got you covered. Ivory Homes may have made this renovation look easy, but armed with our insight and Pinterest board—and your own style—you can tackle your renovation with ease. That being said, don’t forget to also take look at our other moodboards for more trimspiration! Happy designing!


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