Monthly Moodboard Inspiration: G.A. White Homes

April 17, 2018
by The Finished Space

With spring in full bloom, it can be difficult staying cooped up inside. Nature beckons us to call in sick and shirk our responsibilities, even if it’s just for an afternoon. Of course, we can’t always do that, but luckily G.A. White Homes created the perfect hideaway; a cozy and classic office with a pristine view of the woods. Their space is so serene and enviable they took home a People’s Choice award in our 2017 Builder & Designer Challenge. You’ll see why when we take you on a tour of this space and show you how to get the look for yourself.

G.A. White Homes' 'Office in the Woods' design

Let’s talk big picture: soothing earth tones and just the right amount of windows come together to create this gorgeous home office. We love the theme of this room, with a rugged design aged up for a contemporary look. Natural elements like a large leather couch, visible wood grain in furniture and interior finishings, and shiplap all lean towards a woodsy feel, but clean lines, a warm palette and sparse decor all work to keep the space professional.

Monthly moodboard inspiration courtesy of G.A. White Homes

But really, it’s the mix of Very Square interior finishings that tie the room together and work to elevate the space. G.A. White Homes skillfully chose Very Square baseboardcasing, and panel mould to highlight the large picture windows, making the woods a focal point. Their use of crown moulding also adds intrigue to the exquisite tray ceiling. The strong, crisp lines of Very Square continue the rugged-meets-contemporary ambiance.

Now that we’ve sorted out the canvas, let’s take a look at the must-have pieces to copy this look.

Step one to the most amazing home office? Make sure your work-life balance is on point. No office is complete without a restful spot, so if you’re trying to get the look of this room, make sure you grab a perfectly distressed leather couch to kick back on.

Then, when you need to get some work done, make sure you have a substantial, sleek desk, like this one. From there, all you need to get the look are a few classic trinkets, like a Newton’s Cradle and table lamps.

Of course, those furnishings are just the tip of the iceberg. We searched high and low for lookalike items so you can achieve this style. Dive into our Pinterest board to find the perfect piece you need for your space. Also, since you can never have too much trimspiration, check out our other boards too! Happy hunting!

To learn more about the design concept behind this home office click here.



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