Metrie Masters: Install Door Casing with Andrew Wood, of Ecnomus Construction Group

August 1, 2019
by The Finished Space

As promised, we’re bringing you the second part to our Metrie Masters segment featuring Andrew Wood of Ecnomus Construction. Now that you have your door installed, next up is the casing. If it has been a while since you’ve trimmed out a door or if you’re a beginner, don’t fret, Andrew has you covered. Just follow these casing install steps and you will have an updated doorway in no time!

Step 1: Mark Out The Reveal

Install door casing with Ecnomus Construction GroupStart by marking out the reveal, the space between the edge of the jamb and door. With a pencil, draw a line along the length of the door jamb. Repeat this process on the opposite side. For the width at the top of the door jamb, measure the distance between the vertical reveal lines you just drew.

Note: A standard reveal is 1/4″ but Andrew recommends leaving 1/8″ for this particular install.

Step 2: Measure & Cut

Install door casing with Ecnomus Construction GroupTo determine where to make the miter cuts on the trim, Andrew started with the trim pieces that will be placed vertically*. Beginning with one of the vertical pieces, draw a line at 45-degree angle from its outside corner inward toward where it would meet (once installed) the corner reveal on the jamb. Repeat the process for the other vertical piece.

Step 3: Nail in the Vertical Pieces 

Install door trim with Ecnomus Construction GroupAfter mitering the two vertical pieces, nail them into place (keeping the reveal in mind). Use a nail every 12 inches.

Install door casing with Ecnomus Construction GroupPro Tip: Andrew suggests waiting to fully secure in the vertical trim until the horizontal piece has been measured, cut, and aligned to both pieces precisely.

Step 4: Adjoin the Horizontal Piece & Secure 

How to install door trim with Ecnomus Construction GroupAfter measuring, mitering, and adjoining your horizontal piece so that it offers the proper reveal and alignment, all three trim pieces are ready to be fully nailed in and secured.

How to install door casing with Ecnomus Construction GroupPro Tip: As pictured above, place nails along the backside of the adjoining miter cuts for extra support.

How to install door trim with Ecnomus Construction GroupAnd that’s a wrap—now you have a newly installed door and casing! If you missed it, catch the first part of this series on how to install a door.


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*Alternatively, you can start with making miter cuts to your horizontal piece of trim first, and then move on to measuring out and making cuts to the vertical casing.