Meet Your Match with Vintage Industrial

October 10, 2017
by The Finished Space

Find your cool with Vintage Industrial!

We recently launched Option {M}, curated combinations of moulding and interior doors that work together and are relevant in today’s design world!

Metre's Option {M} Vintage Industrial Loft

One of those curated styles is Vintage Industrial. This design style tends to use heavy-duty materials to provide a modern touch to create a look that’s built to last. In essence, it brings together the old and the cool. Together, these elements become design features in this modern, urban space.

Its style attributes are traced to be urban, edgy, and strong. The moulding profiles exudes both bold and clean lines that are chiseled in detail, as well as sharp angles that offer a smooth, yet rugged feel!

Are you feeling inspired? Well then enter our My Dream Option {M} Pinterest Contest! Show us how you would use interior finishings combinations from Vintage Industrial in the space of your dream for a chance to win a pair of these urban and edgy earphones!

Win these cool head phones by entering the Metrie My Dream Option {M} Pinterest Contest

Our favorite board from the My Dream Option {M} Pinterest Contest will win a virtual design consultation from celebrity Designer Amanda Forrest and a $1,000 gift card to Wayfair!

We’ve partnered up with the amazing Jamie and Morgan Molitor of Construction2Style. For over five years, the dynamic duo has been tearing down houses and rebuilding dream spaces for their clients and themselves. They’ve created a Pinterest board of their dream space and showed us how Option {M} Vintage Industrial can help them achieve it.