Meet the Bloggers of Modenus 2018 BlogTour | Part One

January 29, 2018
by The Finished Space

We were delighted to be one of the sponsors for the 2018 Modenus BlogTour at KBIS and IBS, as Modenus brought 24 influencers together in Orlando, Florida! The BlogTour attracts various design bloggers, to travel to global events, so they can share the hottest and most current design trends!

Since Metrie had a booth at the International Builders’ Show, this gave us an opportunity to tour the bloggers through our vignettes and discuss our Finishing Collections and Option {M}! So, without further ado, meet some of the bloggers and check out their posts, sharing their favorite Metrie finds!

Nyla Free

Nyla Free is the Principal Designer and Chief Inspiration Officer of Nyla Free Designs Inc., a company built on the foundation of both relationships with clients and suppliers which has been fostered over the past 25 years.

Nyla expressed her love for our interior doors and how they helped add personality to her office. See more of Nyla’s bold office space, here.

Carla Aston

Carla Aston, of Designed with Carla Aston, is an interior designer with a boutique design firm based in a suburb north of Houston.

Carla favors our French Curves vignette, The Weekender’s Retreat, designed by Cheryl Torrenueva. She has shared how homeowners could achieve style and design, as well as add value to their abode with the help of simple trim, in a fun read here.

Christine Kohut

Using her eye for design, Christine Kohut is known for creating fashionably comfortable spaces for her clients. She is a believer that there is an art to transforming a house into a home, and we couldn’t agree more.

During the Modenus BlogTour, the doors in our Fashion Forward vignette caught her eye. Christine drew inspiration from the Emmy Award-winning series The Crown, and shared how readers can elevate their spaces with trimwork. Read more about her experience on the tour here.

Kristie Barnett

Kristie Barnett, of The Decorologist, is a design and color expert. She has written over 1,100 articles and a top-selling book on the power of home staging.

Having taken these gorgeous photos of our booth as she was on the tour, she shared how you can add character and visual interest to your space using a combination of different interior finishings. Moreover, Kristie recently reported that interior moulding will be a huge break-out trend for the upcoming year in her blog post.

Erica Islas

Erica Islas is not only the founder but also the principal designer at EMI Interior Design, Inc., a full-service interior design firm based out of Los Angeles.

We are loving these beautiful shots and different angles of our Very Square vignette, designed by Andrew Pike, along with The Weekender’s Retreat! In her blog post, the award-winning designer shares the critical importance of interior finishings in the layering process to give your space texture and dimension that’ll make it feel complete.

LeAnne Bunnell

Since 2003, LeAnne Bunnell, of LeAnne Bunnell Interiors, has operated out of an interior design studio located in Calgary where she offers a variety of design services.

LeAnne captured this alluring shot from our French Curves vignette, and shared her thoughts on the BlogTour in a blog post, where she professes that there’s magic in moulding; it can transform the feeling, tone and perception of a space.

Jennifer Stoner

Jennifer Stoner, of Jennifer Stoner Interiors, helps to transform clients’ spaces, and manages projects and plans for new home builds and renovations. In the process of doing so, she has been featured on HGTV and TLC, and even published in numerous magazines.

Jennifer has also shared how homeowners can create a custom home that is tailored to their own aesthetic using our Finishing Collections and Option {M}. To read more, click here.

Sheri Bruneau


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Operating out of Calgary, Alberta, Sheri Bruneau, of Get It Together, is an Interior Design Professional who offers full-service renovations for her clients.

In her blog post, Sheri not only outlined her top three finds during at KBIS but also informatively explained why Metrie landed on that list!

Elizabeth Scruggs

Elizabeth Scruggs, of Superior Construction and Design, is a general contractor, interior decorator, and a real estate stager.

Shortly after the conclusion of the BlogTour and snapping these beautiful photos of our booth, Elizabeth captured her thoughts on the eventful few days in a vlog! Sharing her thoughts on how you can upgrade your home and elevate it to new heights with moulding.

Laurel Bern

Laurel Bern, of Laurel Home, is an award-winning New York Interior Designer, blogger, and brand ambassador, as well as keynote speaker.

With her repertoire of design experience, Laurel shares in her latest blog post a guaranteed way to achieve a beautiful room, along with some captivating shots throughout our booth! Read Laurel’s blog post and see how Metrie is able to help YOU create a beautiful space!

Maria Killam

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Maria Killam, of Colour Me Happy Blog, is an internationally recognized color expert. The extraordinary author, trainer, and decorator has proven to be one of the most influential color specialists!

Maria expresses her admiration of the luxurious light blue paint Lisa Mende‘s used on the Fashion Forward doors in her luxurious bathroom design. And despite her expertise being in color, Maria still had plenty of love for interior finishings and Metrie! Take a moment and read her blog post and get inspired!

Sarah Wilson

After having had a 10-year career in IT, Sarah decided to return back to school to pursue her true passion for interior design. Shortly after graduating, she launched her business Chansaerae Design and has been working with clients ever since!

Now, Sarah who was once afraid to work with interior finishings has had a change of heart after visiting our booth. Read about her experience here and see if you can spot the #MetrieSighting in Sarah’s video above!


Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the remaining Modenus bloggers that we’ll be introducing very soon and be sure to read our IBS recap! Check out the different bloggers’ posts for a dose of trimpsiration, and let us know what your thoughts are on some of the photos above.