Make Your Office Space Work Smarter, Not Harder

April 30, 2020
by The Finished Space

It’s time to dust off your books and clean the clutter from your desk! Everyone needs their own beautiful space to get down to business. Make your office space work for you with clean, modern designs that help you clear your mind as well as your desk to focus your energy on doing your best work.

Metrie Complete pre-painted moulding

We’ve gathered some of the best home offices that take the work out of working from home:

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WHO: Laura Derksen | Laura May Interiors
WHAT: Flat Stock
WHERE: Navy & Blush Work Room

We’ve got a crush on this office! Laura wanted to create a space that could be loved by both her and her husband. The floral features and light colors draw femininity into the space, while the navy grid wall treatment adds just enough stylish masculinity to even out the space. And we love how the navy and white checkered curtain subtly mirrors the feature wall! With all of these elements, Laura’s white baseboard and casing perfectly break up the patterns between the wallpaper, window curtain, and wood flooring. The result is a fun space full of harmony and creativity.

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WHO: Curtis Elmy | Atmosphere Interior Design
WHAT: Very Square crown moulding and baseboard | Flat Stock
WHERE: Geometric Work Space

Similar to Laura’s space, Curtis knows the stunning effects of pairing a bold wallpaper with light trim! Curtis was inspired by geometry and symmetry for this room: The chair rail runs parallel to the baseboard, the lamp shades have slight curves matching the wallpaper, and of course the duplication of the lamps themselves and the cushion seating. Having a low chair rail and layered crown moulding add the illusion of extra height to the room and can keep a space from feeling cramped. The limited black and white palette feels anything but dark and imbues the space with high-end style, with the pop of lush greenery adding a literal spark of life to the room.

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WHO: Marta Perez
WHAT: Panel moulding
WHERE: Classical Home Office

The panel moulding in this home office beautifully frame the room and give it a classic vibe. The soft white of the space is balanced by the woven texture of the carpet and the wooden elements of the chairs and floor. Paired with the natural light flowing in from the large window, it’s hard to imagine ever getting stressed in this space!

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WHO: Brittany Jepsen | The House that Lars Built
WHAT: Option {M} New Traditional trim | True Craft interior door*
WHERE: One Room Challenge, Whimsical Workroom

Brittany mixes industrial innovation with classic beauty in this home office by painting the room’s exposed brick to match the gorgeous teal of the walls. This room was redesigned for the 2017 Fall One Room Challenge, and it’s easy to see how Brittany has made this space work for her by embracing its natural features. The panel moulding, baseboard, casing, and door all embrace the beauty of geometry and clean lines. The checkered floor further plays with this theme of lines to create a fun illusion. And we can’t forget about the illusions created from that stunning, floating level desk! This room feels like a whimsical workspace reserved for Wonderland’s Alice herself.

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WHO: Jacquelyn Clark | Lark & Linen
WHAT: Option {M} Modern Farmhouse Arichtrave | cove | crown moulding
WHERE: Peaceful Work Corner

Jacquelyn brings an air of sophistication and calm to this little corner office. The detailed wallpaper is broken up by the wainscoting and the bold black frames of the ink drawings. The wainscot sits below the midpoint of the wall while resting just above the chair and the desk, making the room seem taller and more spacious. The muted grays, soft whites, and nearly pastel wood of the desk all lend themselves to creating an aura of quiet sophistication.

These practical spaces are perfect for being productive without producing unnecessary stress. Tag us on social media @officialmetrie and share with us your own working rooms!

*While Metrie’s trim and moulding are distributed throughout North America, interior doors are only offered in Canada.