Love it or List it! You Decide

May 25, 2017
by The Finished Space

One of our favorite television shows is HGTV Canada’s Love It or List It Vancouver, an extension of the original series Love It or List It. And if you’re new to the show, Love It or List It Vancouver features celebrity designer Jillian Harris, whom we adore and have collaborated with before, and real estate agent Todd Talbot.

The show is premised on the idea of how Jillian will attempt to revive the admiration and love the owners once had of their homes by redesigning their current house. Meanwhile, Todd will try to persuade the owners to relocate their residence by introducing them to new, dreamy properties. Consequently, the homeowners will compare the newly renovated house against the new abodes and will decide to stay with their current remodeled home or to leave for a new property.

Regardless, whether the homeowners decide to ‘love it or list it,’ they are still come out winning!

With that being said, we have been blown away with the transformation in this episode–take a peek.

Introducing Elana & Brian

Elana and Brian's space before Love It or List It Vancouver's Jillian Harris transforms the space. Source: HGTV Canada

Source: HGTV Canada











Elana and Brian’s current home is a two-story house located in an urban neighborhood where they have spent the last seven years together.

Brian reminisces the moment he fell in love with the house due to its great architectural structure, believing it may be his permanent residence. Meanwhile, Elana doesn’t agree with her husband, as she believes the house is too “choppy,” and is yearning for a more open space, especially with two additions to the family.

The Reveal

Jillian Harris redesigns a couple's home in Love It or List It Vancouver to a gorgeous, contemporary space using our Very Square Scene II Baseboard and panel mould. Image Source: HGTV Canada.

Source: HGTV Canada













The renovated house was revealed to the couple for the first time and let us just say—we were amazed. Jillian was able to bring the couple’s longing vision for a refreshed and open space to fruition.


A close up of Elaina and Brian's newly renovated space after Jillian Harris has worked her magic. Featuring Metrie's Very Square Scene II baseboards. Image Source: HGTV Canada.

Source: HGTV Canada




We particularly loved how Jillian used our Very Square Scene II baseboard, as the strong crisp lines help tie the different contemporary spaces in the house together in a seamless manner.

We also have to mention how the gorgeous panel mould added a simplistic and understated, yet distinctive beauty to the wall and ceiling for a customized look.




Jillian Harris uses Metrie's Very Square Scene II crown moulding into Elaina and Brian's renovation. Image Source: HGTV Canada.

Source: HGTV Canada





And of course, one of our favorite aspects of the redesign is our Very Square Scene II crown moulding. The crown moulding not only creates a heightened illusion, which makes the space look higher and airier than it actually is, but it also conjures a romantic ambiance.

Now, who doesn’t love a little bit (or a lot) of romance every now and then?





Jillian was able to elevate and enhance the couple’s current home to a new level of luxury that radiates a contemporary beauty by embellishing the house with stunning trimwork.

Are you excited and curious about the outcome of the episode? Well then, head over to HGTV Canada to see whether they loved it or listed it!

And if you want to see more gasp-worthy transformations and beautiful trimwork then be sure to stay tuned for the next episode of Love It or List It Vancouver which airs this coming Monday, on May 29, at 10pm EDT.