10 Rooms with Show-Stopping Chair Rail

April 10, 2017
by The Finished Space

From classic to ultra-creative, we’ve chosen some of our favorite spaces featuring chair rail from our Then & Now Finishing Collections. If you’re looking for chair rail trimspiration for your next project, you’re definitely in the right place!

Chair rail is practical, as well as decorative and is applied to a wall, anywhere from 24 to 72 inches up from the floor. It was typically specified to protect the wall from scuffs and dents from the backs of chairs, but it is now used as beautiful room accents. The chair rail runs along the wall, parallel with the baseboard. Adding a refined decor to any space, it’s the subtle choice that makes a big impact. The chair rail perfectly complements a wainscot design.

Chair rail_hero image3


1. Tom Griffith

This stunning room is designed with a classic French appeal. The gorgeous chair rail from our French Curves Finishing Collection adds a layer of sophistication to this home office. We adore the air of elegance this design aspect adds to this room.



2. Spacial Effects Design

This inspired fireplace creates a spark in the room impossible to miss. Lining the fireplace floor-to-ceiling with a truly unique combination of trim elements from our Then & Now Finishing Collections. One of the standout features is the convex lines of the French Curves chair rail, which adds additional architectural interest to the room. 



3. Kerr’s Home Products Limited

This classically designed room is the perfect home for our Very Square Scene II  chair rail. The combination of chair rail and wainscoting adds an element of interest to the feel of the room. The sharp lines contrast the curved window, while still making each detail look strong.



4. Wayne Homes

Our Fashion Forward chair rail contributes to the completed feel of this home. The blended modern and traditional design elements create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the chair rail adds to the subtle sophistication of the space.



5. Terrene Homes

This gorgeous room is accented by a custom-made chair rail created using a fingerjoint Pine Lintel and Square. The innovative design complements the distinctive light fixture and is perfect for the oblong shaped room.



6. Classic Cottages

This traditional style living room is the perfect place for a fun night in entertaining family and friends. The strong, defined lines of our Very Square chair rail brings order and tranquility into a room often filled with fun-loving chaos.



7. Maison Design & Build

This clever use of our Fashion Forward chair rail on the half-wall adds a definition and sophistication to the stairwell. The chair rail, panel mould, baseboard and crown molding come together to create a big impact in this small space.



8. Harmony Builders

This classy, upscale bedroom features many complex design elements that make it the perfect tranquil, oasis. The Fashion Forward chair rail contributes to the high-end style in this room. This haven highlights many fashionable design elements, while still capturing a relaxed atmosphere.

Fashion Forward interior finishing in Regina


9. Cantera Management Group

The addition of our Very Square Scene II chair rail adds definition to this beautiful large, open space without overpowering it or closing it in.

Very Square chair rail in dining room


10. Atmosphere Interior Design

We love how the Fashion Forward chair rail in this entryway draws you into the house and makes the space feel more welcoming. The chair rail adds a refined style to this space without making it feel cluttered.

atmosphere-interior-design-Atmosphere Interior Design-165-hhl-fall-3


That’s it for our top-ten chair rail hall of fame (for now that is). If you enjoyed these beautiful rooms and chair rail inspiration, check out the rooms we love with beautiful architraves on their windows and doors for even more trimpsiration!


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