11 Ways to Give Your Bedroom A Spring Makeover

April 19, 2021
by The Finished Space

Everyone loves a makeover, but some room redesigns — like bedrooms — require thoughtful design strategy. The ideal bedroom space should bring feelings of rest and peace. Here are 11 ideas that are sure to inspire your next bedroom makeover. 

1. Look Up for Inspiration

Bedroom Redesign by Jewel Marlowe - Spring Bedroom Makeover

Update your bedroom space by focusing your attention above … look to the ceiling for makeover opportunities!

Interior designer Jewel Marlowe used Metrie crown moulding and an extravagant chandelier to enhance this bedroom with luxury. The soft, neutral colors of the space contrast well with the energetic design of the area rug. Complementing the ceiling with matching panel moulding creates a cozy, finished look in the bedroom. 

2. Organize Your Accessories and Knick-Knacks

Accessory Wall Built with Metrie Moulding - Spring Bedroom Makeover

Spring is a perfect time for organizing our spaces and DIY projects. That’s why we love the idea of adding an accessory wall to the bedroom’s vanity area. 

Seeing your jewelry and accessories is a great way to determine which pieces you love, if you wear them often enough or which ones to donate. Get this look with Metrie moulding by following along with the step-by-step project guide here.

3. Freshen Things Up With New Colors

Aegean Teal Wall - Spring Bedroom Makeover

Take the spring season to try on a different color in your home. We recommend pulling from the palettes that came out earlier this year.

The Aegean Teal shade from Benjamin Moore brings a comforting ambiance to any space and can offer a fresh new feel in any bedroom.

4. Add Dimension and a Different Look With Shiplap

Bedroom with Metrie Shiplap Walls

Shiplap is yet another great way to add an entirely new look to your space. White is always on-trend, and using it on the baseboards and shiplap offers a great backdrop for the nautical theme featured in this bedroom.

5. Go Glam in Your Space This Spring

Bedroom with White Metrie Trim

The team from AP Interiors converted an old church and created this glamorous new space. Clean, white Metrie trim and neutral shades offer a backdrop so the rest of the room can shine. 

The large mirror helps to enlarge the space, and the overall look is finished with soft textures in the pillows and rug, along with sparkling touches of metal for a glitzy, gorgeous design

6. Make the Space Work for You

Table and Chairs in a Modern Bedroom

We’re all working from home more, which means we’re often using our bedrooms for more than relaxing or sleeping. However, it’s important to break up the space to increase functionality — nobody wants to be seen working from bed! 

A tidy setup like this sitting area does the job perfectly. The cafe table and chairs offer a defined workspace and the bench provides a place to sit and work when a little more comfort is needed. Having options is important, and this space is successfully functional for days when you need a way to work from home (but don’t want to be in the kitchen — or by the bed). 

7. Add Interest and More Space With a Mirror

Mirror Frame Made with Metrie Moulding

Mirrors offer a great way to add the illusion of more space and natural light to a room, and this handsome mirror with mouldings is a creative touch to any bedroom. It’s a great DIY project for the weekend by using a standard mirror, some interior wood stain and mouldings from Metrie.

8. Make Bold Changes With a Few Bright Colors

Bedroom with Pops of Color - Spring Bedroom Makeover

Bring in spring with a few cheery colors! But you don’t have to paint an entire room to get the look. 

“Incorporate everything that the season has to offer — bright colors and fresh greens — into your living space with patterned throw pillows and indoor plants,” writes Amanda Garrity for Good Housekeeping.

9. Stretch Out Your Space in Creative Ways

Bright, Airy Bedroom with White Shiplap Walls

If you want to add more space without knocking down walls, vertically arranged shiplap can help homeowners make bedroom ceilings look higher. Metrie’s shiplap gives this room an airy and open feel, and the ample amount of sunlight is even more refreshing.

10. Bring in the Outdoors With More Plants

Bedroom with Plants - Spring Bedroom Makeover

Never underestimate the power of a few plants. Adding greenery in your space offers color and texture to your design, but bringing the outdoors inside has some real health benefits. 

“Encouraging the use of natural systems and processes in design allows for exposure to nature, and in turn, these design approaches improve health and wellbeing,” writes Eric Baldwin for ArchDaily. “There are a number of possible benefits, including reduced heart rate variability and pulse rates, decreased blood pressure, and increased activity in our nervous systems, to name a few.”

11. Ensure a Better Night’s Sleep

Bedroom with Light-Blocking Curtains

Bedroom spaces can be a respite from the rest of the world. According to ElleDecor, “When the pandemic upended regular life and sent anxiety levels soaring, having a bedroom that could serve as a calming retreat suddenly seemed more important than ever.”

It’s important to create a room that encourages a healthy amount of sleep. Adding curtains that will allow the ideal amount of light during the day, but darken the room at night, helps to create the ideal sleep environment. 

Solutions for Spring Style

Spring is always a great time to hit refresh on your space’s design. 

Metrie offers a few ways to amp up the look in your bedroom, whether you want to add shiplap, go bold with more color or just need something to finish the room’s style. Take a look at our how-to guides for more project ideas, or browse our product collections for more inspiration.