Five Tiny Spaces with BIG Style!

April 24, 2018
by The Finished Space

Living large doesn’t always mean you need to live in a large home. Even in a limited space, you can achieve a grandeur look and feel that’ll leave your guests feeling envious!

From tiny trailers to even school buses, we’ve rounded up our top five favorite small spaces that prove bigger doesn’t always mean better:

1. An Unsuspecting Ceiling Treatment

This family is hitting the road and they’re doing it in style! Adding a sense of tradition in their unorthodox home, a unique coffered ceiling is spotted in this converted school bus for the ultimate element of surprise!

2. A Modern Mini-Home With Much Glam

Black and white cabinetry offer a big punch in this tiny and glamorous home! Plus, we can’t neglect to mention how the golden faucet and hardware is like jewelry in this mini treasure box! Meanwhile, the moody and beautiful sliding interior door adds a nice country touch to this glamorous home.

3. A Tiny House with a Teal Surprise

The teal blue from the exterior doors continues inside as people are greeted with a fabulous wainscot wall treatment. Its happy-hue and vibrancy are sure to uplift any person!

4. An Opulent Trailer Makeover

Interior designer Jackie Glass lived in a trailer as she renovated her home. But the trailer was simply outdated and lacked an extravagant factor. So what would any designer do? She transformed it! The results are splendid, but keep your eyes peeled for the crown moulding—it’ll have you swooning!

5. An Elevated, Traditional Tiny House

While the home seems tiny from the outside, the tall ceilings make it seem larger from the inside. Rather than gloating shiplap or tongue and groove wall panels, this home has orthodox drywall that has been embellished with interior finishings. From the crown moulding to baseboards and a flat stock wall treatment, you can now feel at home wherever you go, literally!

Now that concludes the roundup of our top five tiny spaces that pack major style. We hope you understand that it’s not about how big your space is, but how you work with it.


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