Five Small Spaces That Maximize Their Design Potential

December 19, 2017
by The Finished Space

Does city living have you resorting to living in a smaller home? Learn how to maximize your home’s design potential, no matter the size, with these top five small spaces. Proving that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty in a small, functional area and that bigger doesn’t always mean better!

1. A Lavishing Makeover Without Breaking the Bank

Although this space is not necessarily a tiny home, it’s still measuring just over 800 square feet.

Regardless, this space maximizes its design potential! The stunning wall treatment, created from panel mould, adds much character to this compact area with elevated luxe!

2. A Colorful Small Home

This home not only packs in a lot of style in its limited space but also colors! Designer Philippe Beauparlant breathed new life into this outdated home and refurbished the space’s interior finishings for a modernized look!

On a side note, how gorgeous is the powder room? The wainscoting is fabulous!

3. A Crafty Studio

This tiny abode belongs to a first-time studio dweller but judging the way she organized the space, we couldn’t even tell! Large windows allow plenty of light to aerate through the room for a bright and spacious ambiance. However, we’re obsessed with the grand interior finishing profiles, from crown moulding to casing and even baseboards, all of which adds more structure to the wall!

4. An Apartment in East Village New York

This compact apartment boasts gorgeous window casing and to top it all off, literally, an exquisite architrave! The large casing and architrave offer an opulent and sumptuous touch that contrasts beautifully against the white brick walls. All in all, this home comes together as a harmonious concoction made of vintage and modern aesthetics!

5. Ultra Luxe Living in a Small Apartment

From floor-to-ceiling windows to a 360-degree view of the city-line, this apartment is definitely challenging the definition of a small space. We’re in the home of interior designer, Amir Khamneipur, and he designed his space to feel like a luxurious five-star hotel room, and it’s obvious he delivered!

From wall-sized mirrors to sumptuous interior finishings, this deluxe space demonstrates how form and function don’t require you to sacrifice beauty!

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