Dining Rooms Perfect for Hosting
July 30, 2020
by The Finished Space
Aside from good company, nothing makes hosting a family get-together or dinner party more perfect than to do so in a fabulous setting! After all, who wouldn’t want to entertain family and dinner guests alike in a stylish space? Explore some of our favorite dining rooms that exude elegance and rustic charm, and everything in between!

WHO: Perkinson Homes

WHERE: Dining Room

WHAT: Fashion Forward Collection

This magnificent dining room blends traditional and modern tastes including dramatic curtains and gorgeous interior finishings. Truth be told, we’d be willing to skip out on the dinner party and just feast our eyes on this stylish setting!

WHO: Emily Henderson

WHERE: Open Concept Dining Room

WHAT: Very Square baseboard, casing, architrave and flat stock

Using interior finishings from our Very Square Collection throughout this contemporary yet classic dining room, Emily creates a beautiful board and batten design to help frame this formal area.
Michelle Gage's exquisite use of Metrie interior finishings in her Fall 2018 One Room Challenge space.

Source: Michelle Gage / Photography: Rebecca McAlpin

WHO: Michelle Gage

WHERE: Dining Room

WHAT: French Curve panel mould

The fun and vibrant wallpaper contrasts beautifully against the traditional wainscot wall design—made from our French Curves panel mould.

WHO: Terrene Homes

WHERE: Open Concept Dining Room

WHAT: French Curves Collection

Evident of bold colors and style, this dining room is rooted in symmetry and demure elegance. Strip away the fabulous use of decor and furniture, and the use of interior mouldings alone would reveal a spectacular canvas.

WHO: Sarah Richardson, of Sarah Richardson Design

WHERE: Dining Room

WHAT: Flat stock

The dining room is the very first space you’ll see when you walk into Sarah’s Off The Grid home, so it is no surprise that she pulled out all the stops to make it grand. From the charming long dining table to a marvelous sunburst ceiling treatment made with flat stock—this space definitely achieves a feeling of magnificence.


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