Celebrity IOU Ep. 3 With Viola Davis: From Close-Quarters to Open Space

May 5, 2020
by The Finished Space

The third episode of the hit new series, Celebrity IOU, pairs us with Viola Davis as she surprises her long-time BFF and past school roommate with a home makeover that emphasizes the importance of family space.

Below we take a detailed look at how this once cramped home turned into a relaxing retreat.

The Living Room

Redesigned living room from episode 3 of Celebrity IOU
Photo by: DANNY ILIC

This once lifeless living room is now both comfortable and spacious! The large window lets in loads of light, adding a breath of fresh air to the space. The off-white walls and soft decor, complemented by crisp white baseboard and window casing, bring a feeling of luxury to the room.

The Dining Area

Redesigned dining area from episode 3 of Celebrity IOU
Photo by: DANNY ILIC

From clutter to class, this dining area is the definition of open concept! The decision to remove the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room creates a more social atmosphere for anyone who loves to host. The soft palette, from the furniture to the moulding, along with the lush plant-life will make any foodie fawn over this fresh space.

The Home Office

Redesigned home office from episode 3 of Celebrity IOU
Photo by: DANNY ILIC

Why confine your workspace to a corner, when you can have a roomy home office! The decision to match the moody color of the trim with the walls boosts the height of the room to make the space feel larger. The wall-to-wall marble desk is perfect for you and your partner to work-from-home without cramping each other’s style.

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