Achieve a Uniquely Designed Entry with the Logan Door

February 8, 2019
by The Finished Space

If you found upgrading your exterior front door to be a thrilling step outside of your usual comfort zone, then why not continue the streak inside. After all, your interior doors should always support the beautiful room it leads into and not just close off one space to another.



Introducing Masonite’s Logan interior door.  This door features two recessed panels and combines the classic lines of a wood door and modern shadow lines. In addition, its smooth and primed surface makes it perfect for painting to match or accent your interior—no matter what your style is!

In need of some more inspiration? Check out how some of our favorite interior designers incorporated the Logan interior door into their designs!

WHO: Vanessa Francis | Vanessa Francis Interior Design
WHERE: Bathroom
WHAT: Masonite’s Logan interior door, brought to you by Metrie

Behind Masonite’s Logan door is a quaint and charming bathroom that embraces natural light and tantalizing patterns


A lovely laundry room with Metrie's interior finishings

Source: Vanessa Francis Interior Design | Photography: Stephani Buchman

WHO: Vanessa | Vanessa Francis Interior Design
WHERE: A Modern Farmhouse-Styled Laundry Room
WHAT: Option {M} Modern Farmhouse shiplap | Fashion Foward baseboard; casing | Masonite’s Logan door, brought to you by Metrie

Vanessa continues her use of the Logan interior door into this room. All we can say is, laundry sure doesn’t seem like a chore if it can be done in this alluring space.


WHO: Jennifer Flores | Rambling Renovators
WHERE: Master Bedroom
WHAT: Masonite’s Logan door, brought to you by Metrie

Bright and airy are what comes to mind after seeing Jennifer’s master bedroom reveal! Curious to see which color she chose to paint the doors? Head to her blog to find out!

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