6 Autumn Décor Ideas to Fill Your Home With Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

October 5, 2021
by The Finished Space

Make this autumn memorable by bringing its inspiration inside your home. The shift in seasons is a great time to update your home’s decor, so we’re looking at several ideas to help liven up your spaces for this autumn.

1. Gourds Galore

Autumn decor on the dining table with gourds, a holiday-themed table runner and candles.

Autumn is about crisp, cooler evenings and opportunities for cozy dinners indoors. It’s also gourd season, so be sure to incorporate those for pops of color in different rooms. Pumpkins and other gourd varieties can also add a touch of organic appeal to your tablescape, open shelving and mantels.  

If you want to use real gourds, there are a few ways to keep them in great condition for years. Dried gourds will last longer than fresh, and the process for drying them is simple:

  • Clean the outside with vinegar or a bleach solution to extend their decorative life.
  • Pierce the bottoms of the gourds to speed up drying time.
  • Set the gourds up to dry in a dark, well-ventilated, cool space. If they’re on drying racks, rotate the gourds regularly to prevent mold or rot.
  • The process can take weeks or months, depending on the size of the gourd and the drying environment. You can shake the gourds to see if you hear seeds rattling around — that’s when they’re ready!

This room will have the guests looking up to admire this Metrie crown moulding. It truly tops off this seasonal look, but will also be a prominent design feature all year long, no matter what season or holiday you are decorating for.

2. Dark Tones + Shiny Accents

This modern office features a matching desk and hutch with various pumpkins and greenery scattered throughout the space.

Darker colors tend to feel more appropriate during the colder seasons, especially with the days getting shorter and natural light leaving earlier. We love the black details found throughout this living room, because the contrast of dark and light elements play well together.

The wooden furniture with the deep colors in the rug anchors the space and adds a touch of natural ambiance and texture. To take the design to the next level, use decorative moulding to add an interesting pattern for an accent wall that stuns.

You can also add metal and shine to a space for extra impact this fall season. The brass details throughout this office space give it an on-trend appeal. The metal candle holders and vase add even more visual delight to the space while the playful accent wall and the large painting give the whole scene balance.

Scratch your wall when hanging that big painting to your room? Not to worry. Metrie’s decorative moulding is an excellent way to hide imperfections while adding another texture to the space.

3. Incorporate Leather Accents

This family room has a leather sofa, a wooden coffee table, an oriental rug and a big centerpiece over the sofa. There are orange, plaid and seasonal pillows resting on the sofa.

Leather furniture pieces are guaranteed to make any space feel rich in color tones and really bring a moody feel for the fall months. The natural color also allows you to use other colors, patterns or textures in the space without worrying about clashing looks. 

The effortless look of modern in this living room is complemented by a traditional area rug. Want a backdrop of elegance to tie the overall look together? Try incorporating wall paneling from Metrie to get that comfortable flow of classic looks.

Remember to add plenty of extra throws and blankets around the space in case the room gets chilly as temperatures drop. 

4. Be Bold With Patterns

This living room has a white sofa with different colored pillows on it. The coffee table is holding 3 books, a skull, a pumpkin, a candle, a flower vase and a mirrored tray.

Why not use the new season as an excuse to try different patterns in your space?

This design incorporates stripes, cheetah print and dots, among others, all in one design! These different elements create such a great statement in this cozy living room, and we adore the unique use of colors and textures to help create more visual interest. You can even use Metrie panel moulding to create a beautifully unique accent wall that brings an extra element of surprise to your space for the autumn season.

Autumn is a great time to break out deep tones, like the animal-printed pillow and the flowers featured here. The colors in combination with the decor really give this space character. In fact, this whole room has an eccentric yet fun vibe — perfect for the Halloween season.

5. Glow a Little Brighter

Candles of various sizes are scattered on this dining room table, along with a plaid table cloth and dark-colored napkins and glasses.

An easy and affordable way to get in the mood for autumn is by stocking up on candles. They add an instant ambiance to any space! Plus, candles are a good idea to have on hand regardless of where you add them in your design, in case of power outages during a fall storm.

However, it’s important to store them properly when not in use. “Unfortunately, your candles can expire over time,” reminds Lindsay Lanquist for Real Simple. “And while they’re unlikely to spoil the same way food does, they can lose their fragrance, become discolored, or otherwise grow stale. Temperature fluctuations can speed the aging process up — and light can, too. So find a cool, dark place to store your candles between seasons.”

Looking for a way to add other exciting fall elements to your dining room? Try incorporating Metrie shelving on the walls for a place to put more candles or other holiday decor. It’s guaranteed to give you and your guests something to talk about over dinner!

6. Add Natural Tones and Textures

Dining room featuring a woven basket filled with small white pumpkins, a white shiplap wall and dark-toned pillows.

While adding bold colors might work for some people, others prefer a more understated, natural look to their home. Either design is a great way to incorporate the fall feels during the season.

A beautifully inspired dining design can feel extra cozy in autumn when you add touches of natural textures and colors. The branches and pumpkins displayed in this dining room add a simple, seasonally-inspired style.

Think about textures in your space this autumn season, as well. There are opportunities to add touches of comfort and sensory pleasure throughout every room: The comfy, soft pillows here are appealing to the eye while the Metrie shiplap brings a rustic, farmhouse feel to the room.

Make Your Fall Decor Memorable Year Round

Many of these designs work well year-round, but we love the cozy and glamorous feel that the autumn air seems to bring with it. It’s a great time to elevate your home design!

Every detail is as important as the next in your design, and you deserve the look you want. Need help finding the right materials and inspiration for your project? We’d love to make it a success: Check out Metrie products at these in-person locations.

Or browse a few other delightful design ideas that might help your project this autumn.