5 Stunning Ceiling Design Ideas

May 21, 2020
by The Finished Space

No matter the space, a ceiling treatment can help draw your eyes up to make an area of your home feel grander and more spacious. Using a combination of interior finishings, paint and even wallpaper, here are some of our favorite ceiling designs that can help you take your space to new heights!

WHO: Byrom Building Corporation

WHERE: Dining Room

WHAT: Very Square crown moulding and flat stock

In this endearing space, Very Square crown moulding is used to create a seamless transition to the geometric ceiling design, created with our flat stock. Without a doubt, this ceiling treatment is the focal point in this dining area.

WHO: Perkinson Homes

WHERE: Dining Room

WHAT: Fashion Forward Collection

This beautiful dining room features interior finishings from our Fashion Forward Collection to blend traditional and modern tastes in an unexpected way.

WHO: Ivory Homes

WHERE: Entry

WHAT: Very Square Collection

The pale gray wood floors flowing through the area are not only attention-grabbing but also set a modern tone for the space. And as your eyes move upward, you’re confronted with a simple coffered ceiling that blends modern lines and elegant style!

The right casing around a window makes the best frame to bring the outdoors in.

WHO: G.A White Homes

WHERE: Home Office

WHAT: Very Square Crown Moulding

Bringing the outdoors inside, G.A White Homes crafted this spectacular home office that features an eye-catching tray ceiling. Our Very Square crown moulding stained in a brown hue acts as the perfect frame for this dramatic, yet contemporary ceiling design.

WHO: Pahlisch Homes

WHERE: Dining Room

WHAT: Fashion Forward Collection

Pahlisch Homes created this grand, four-quadrant coffered ceiling using our Fashion Forward moulding in combination with a quaint wallpaper. If this doesn’t exude charm and luxury, we don’t know what does!


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