5 Spa Bathroom Makeover Ideas

July 19, 2021
by The Finished Space

The average spa visit today can cost anywhere between $150 and $450. Go a few times a year, and your spa days will quickly add up to a significant expense. 

Instead, why not design a bathroom that functions as an inviting oasis that you’ll never want to leave? Your bath space can be a place for respite and relaxation, so you can get a spa treatment anytime you need one. 

Here are five ideas (and a few bonus tips) to transform your bath into all the solutions for self-care you’ll need.

Cultivate More Luxury With Crown Moulding


Adding moulding is always an excellent way to enhance the look of your space, especially if you’re designing smaller rooms. Although it’s traditionally been used in spaces like dining rooms and libraries, crown moulding has quickly become a go-to element for designers when they’re upgrading spaces with less square footage, like bathrooms.

Crown moulding adds extra visual interest to any room by giving it texture and style, and it makes every visit to the space like a mini-vacation. This designer installed Metrie’s crown moulding to draw the eye upward and added a colorful ceiling design to help the space feel even more inspiring.

Draw Attention to Details You Love

If you have a limited budget and can’t remodel your entire space at once, stick to design details that are the highest priority for you.

Maybe your bathroom calls for a new mirror or two. Use moulding to display them — the moulding details add a touch of interest and make the mirror a point of focus in the room. Mirrors can add the illusion of more space in a small bathroom, and it’s an easy DIY weekend project when you want to get creative and beautify your home.


Homeowners can also optimize the feel of luxury in their bathroom by showcasing the bathtub as the centerpiece. For added emphasis, you can add wainscoting to the surrounding area to give the bath space its own ambiance.


Design With Easy Living in Mind

Being around plants has been shown to increase happiness and productivity in humans while decreasing stress and anxiety. Indoor plants also improve air quality in the spaces they live in. If you haven’t added plants to your bathroom yet, you’re missing out on a truly lush experience.

From succulents to vines to ferns, it’s easy to find a plant that can thrive in your bathroom’s setting; just remember to check how much water and sunlight the plants need before decorating with them.


We love the feel of this bathroom, where its simple details, metallic finishes, a few plants and shiplap make it the perfect cottage-inspired space. If you like this look, installing shiplap in one part of your bathroom makes for a great DIY project. Be sure to use a finished product that’s reliable enough to stand up to moisture. Metrie’s shiplap products work well in bathroom settings, and some versions come pre-painted if you want to save time on your project.

Opt for Organization

A messy space can lead to a cluttered mind, so besides keeping your bathroom tidy, it helps to add organization elements and storage in your space.


You might try using that vacant wall in your bathroom to add an accessory wall that doubles as an organizational element. This offers a stylish, chic solution for keeping your bathroom space in tip-top shape.

Ensure that your bathroom is a destination for relaxation. Stock storage shelves and cabinets with extra towels, lotion and candles so that you have everything you need for your spa experience on hand. Adding Metrie’s moulding and trim details to existing cabinetry makes for a fresh new look.


Keep Comfort in Mind With Every Detail

Even the most mundane design elements matter, especially in smaller spaces like bathrooms. Some of those elements might need to double as both stylish and functional if space is limited. The tray in this bath is simple in design, with the right amount of surface area for anyone in the tub who needs a place for their book or mug. Additional plant decor adds a more natural ambiance to the space.


And don’t forget color details. A fresh coat of paint can be just the thing to alter a room’s vibe. Designers use certain colors to evoke a particular ambiance in a room: Blue is often used for calming; white brings the feeling of refreshment.

To maximize a spa-like atmosphere, stick with blues, whites and grays. Gray was featured as one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year for its neutral background and cool, earthy feel. Accentuate those colors with the right finishing touches: The designer used metallic details and trim from Metrie to complete the look below.


Invest In Indulgence

With any of these upgrades, you’ll elevate your bathroom from a functional space that gets the job done to a luxurious oasis that you’ll enjoy using for decades.

Check out all of Metrie’s trim and moulding products to add the right details to your spa-inspired space.