Beautiful Living Rooms For Every Style
June 5, 2020
by The Finished Space

The family or living room is an entertainment area that should reflect your personal sense of style, and there is nothing like crafting a stylish space that is suitable for enjoying family time and entertaining loved ones. Explore our roundup of these inspiring living room designs for your own home!

Design extraordinaire Studio McGee renewed a worn out living room using Metrie's flat stock to create a broodingly beautiful wall treatment.

Source: Studio McGee

WHO: Studio McGee

WHERE: Living Room

WHAT: Flat stock

Pairing the grid wall design, made of our flat stock, with a deep blue paint not only offers character but also depth to the space. Meanwhile, leather, metallic accents, and other textures and patterns come together seamlessly to create an intriguing harmonious blend of contradictions!

WHO: Jeweled Interiors

         WHERE: Family Room

WHAT: Regional panel mould

Jewel’s French Bohemian-inspired living room is bursting with color, patterns, and textures! Our eyes are immediately drawn to the wall design, serving as the perfect backdrop to support the beautiful paintings and inspiring art.

WHO: Zarrella Development Corporation

WHERE: Family Room

WHAT: Very Square crown moulding and True Craft casing

In this space, an off-white palette accented with natural woods provides this living room with a welcoming feel. Meanwhile, the large windows bring the outdoors in with plenty of natural light.

WHO: Calista Interiors

WHERE: Hallway

WHAT: Very Square Collection

While this airy Cape Cod style home offers a rustic palette, Calista Interiors’ use of our interior finishings helps brighten this clean, crisp living room. Making it a perfect area for hosting friends and family!

WHO: Atmosphere Interior Design

WHERE: Living Room

WHAT: Fashion Forward Collection

Curtis Elmy’s use of our interior finishings adds a heightened sense of luxury to this maximalist space. While his choice of furniture helps balance this dark space so you can experience the bold, moody space without feeling a cold ambiance.


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