10 Striking Spaces with Interior Doors

August 15, 2017
by The Finished Space

We’ve been talking a lot about doors these past few months and that’s because we think they’re one of the most fabulous elements in a room. Doors should complement and elevate your room’s look, not just close a space off from one area to another.

Case in point, to show you just how much of an impact interior doors can make in a space, we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite rooms that highlight the true potential of doors.

If you ever want more help choosing or installing a door, check out our How to Install an Interior Door page, complete with a guide to the 10 questions you should answer before choosing or specifying a door.

And now, without further ado, let’s count down our top 10 most striking spaces with beautiful interior doors!

1. Harmony Builders

These four panel double doors from our Very Square Collection elevate the ambiance of this gorgeous bedroom designed by Harmony Builders. We’d love to cozy up in this chic space after a hard day of work.

These four panel double doors from Metrie's Very Square Collection elevate the ambiance of this gorgeous bedroom designed by Harmony Builders.


2. Marval

This homey abode from Marval is simply beautiful. This door is from our True Craft Collection and is the perfect complement to the wainscoting in this hallway. Both elements bring a sharp, clean feel to this space.

This homely abode from Marval is simply beautiful and features a Metrie True Craft solid door.

3. Jim Ingledue Construction

We absolutely love how Jim Ingledue Construction used these darkened Very Square rift-cut White Oak doors in this contemporary space. The dark stain perfectly juxtaposes the crisp white walls in this entry. These interior doors not only add a charming element to the room but also ground the intricate countertop in this kitchen.

 Jim Ingledue Construction uses Metrie Very Square rift-cut White Oak doors in this contemporary space.

4. Hayslett Construction

Mudrooms typically aren’t thought of as a neat and tidy room, but this space created by Hayslett Construction proves to be the exception. This custom Fashion Forward half nano-patterned glass and half solid door adds both character and personality to an otherwise already whimsical space. P.S. Where can we find that wallpaper?! The yellow birds are too cute! 

This space created by Hayslett Construction features custom Metrie Fashion Forward half nano-patterned glass and half solid door to add character and personality to this space.

 5. Zarrella Development

These tempo-patterned glass doors from our Very Square Collection contrast beautifully with the light, brick wall surrounding them. We cannot get enough of how the glass doors adorned with an airy transom window allows natural light to permeate throughout this space, traveling from one room to the next. Bravo, Zaralla Development

This space created by Zarrella Development uses Metrie Very Square doors to allow light to pass from room to room.

6. S.C.O.R.E. Builders

This one-of-a-kind home designed by S.C.O.R.E. Builders is true floor to ceiling trimspiration! The interior finishings, including the double Fashion Forward doors, were painted in a rich brown tone and texturized to resemble an oak finish. This dark custom paint finish completely transforms these doors giving this home a rich, yet old-world look.

This custom home designed by S.C.O.R.E. Builders features double Fashion Forward doors which were painted in a rich brown tone and texturized to resemble an oak finish.


7. Andrew Pike Interior Designs

We love the way the celebrity designer Andrew Pike used a unique combination of doors from our True Craft and Very Square Collections as means to balance each other out in this stunning loft. The two colors subtly highlight the cabinets and countertops to create a cohesive appearance.

Andrew Pike uses Metrie Very Square and True Craft doors in this chic Toronto loft.

8. Tom Griffith

This solid poplar door from our French Curves Collection possesses soft, romantic lines which work effortlessly in highlighting the wainscoting. The crisp white color of the interior finishings starkly contrasts against the bold fuchsia walls, giving the room a luxurious feel. Also, can we talk about how stunning those built-in bookcases are?!

Tom Griffith uses Metrie French Curves poplar doors in this elegant library.

9. Maison Design and Build

This whimsical bedroom room by Maison Design and Build is the thing design dreams are made of. These solid double True Craft doors offer the perfect balance to the playful, butterfly-embellished wallpaper, which exudes personality, to say the least. And did you see that silver hardware? Swoon!

This whimsical bedroom room by Maison Design and Build showcases solid double Metrie True Craft doors.

 10. Atmosphere Interior Design

This sophisticated hallway created by the fabulous design duo, of Atmosphere Interior Designs, comes to life with the addition of Pretty Simple double doors. These doors offer much architectural intrigue where they act as an elegant focal point in this luxurious, welcoming entry.

Atmosphere Interior Design using  Metrie Pretty Simple doors in this tranquil entryway.

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