Poplar is among one of the softest woods in the hardwood family. It has straight, uniform grain with a medium texture that makes this wood easy to work with and enjoy.

Benefits of Poplar

Superior paint and stain ability

Eastern North American Poplar is an extremely versatile wood, and has a consistent texture that sands easily for a smooth painted or stained finish. Often called “the painter’s wood”, it is commonly the preferred paint grade species by upscale builders.

Natural Fibers

Due to the wood being pitch and resin free, there is no bleeding or blotching through the finished surface. The straight grain also accepts nails and screws more readily without splitting.

Precise Details

Natural wood allows for crisp corners and edges when manufacturing moulding profiles.

Strength in Quality

The finger-jointing process creates a stronger finished poplar product due to a polymer-based glue joint and high quality primer that renders the joints invisible when painted. Both the glue and primer used meet LEED requirements.