Metrie2 is made to measure and offers comprehensive and complete architectural moulding and trim solutions for the hospitality industry, luxury multi-residential and commercial projects.
There is something for every project!
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Custom Design

We know that every project is unique. When you need a crown moulding, baseboard or other trim element to be just as unique – our team of experts can help you get the results you desire. We will work with you to understand your vision and project needs, and offer extensive capabilities to create custom moulding profiles that provide the perfect trim to help you set the stage on your next project.

Global Service Network

With our global partner network, we can create any custom profile, source more exotic wood species and mill to the most specific standards to create the perfect custom solution for your projects.


Metrie2 products are milled and manufactured to the highest level of quality, and crafted from the best materials. But our commitment to quality also extends to the way our product arrives in the jobsite, in good condition.


Metrie2 offers more than interior finishing products and design expertise. Our dedicated service team is available to provide assistance, support and expertise at every step from drawing to jobsite – and guiding you along the way.

Find Your Perfect Trim

We offer three ways to pick the perfect trim for your space:


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Select a style with one of our professionally designed and coordinated collections – featuring all types of trim.



Create your own. Work with our design experts to create custom profiles for your unique space.

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