MDF, or Medium-Density Fibreboard, is an engineered, wood product made primarily from natural wood fibers combined with resin and wax for binding. MDF moulding products are typically primed and ready for painting, although can be available raw or prefinished as well.

Benefits of MDF

High quality raw material

MDF’s uniform nature gives it consistency from surface to core, allowing for high detail and precise machining techniques run-to-run.

Easy to paint

MDF provides a flat, smooth surface that is uniform, dense and free of knots & grain patterns, which makes finishing operations simpler and more economical.

Smart length supply

Engineered products create a variable length supply. This allows for custom lengths catered to specific requirements to prevent waste.

Domestic, high quality manufacturing

Metrie produces MDF moulding products domestically in North America. This allows for responsive lead times, higher inventory turn rates and more accurate forecasting. In addition, our unwavering focus on quality with multi-stage quality control checks mean that our mouldings are among the highest quality available.