Metrie’s MDF Moulding Group currently consists of 3 quality-driven manufacturing facilities located in both Canada and the United States. With a combined output of over 4 million linear feet per week, Metrie™ is one of the largest manufacturers of MDF mouldings in North America. Our trademark brand, Platinum Prime, is quickly becoming the industry’s standard for quality and is asked for by name.



Metrie™ is the exclusive manufacturer of Platinum Prime MDF mouldings.

Defect free
The flat, smooth surface is uniform, dense and free of knots & grain patterns, which makes finishing operations simpler and more economical.

High quality raw material
MDF’s uniform nature gives it consistency from surface to core, which allows for high detail and precise machining techniques with 100% run consistency.

Smart length supply
Engineered products create a variable length supply. This allows for custom lengths catered to specific requirement to prevent wasted trim-backs.

Domestic manufacturing
By producing material domestically, we promote responsive lead times--this allows for higher inventory turn rates and more accurate forecasting. In addition, being a domestic manufacturer allows Metrie™ to have an excellent perspective on their customer’s market needs.

Primed product
Platinum Prime mouldings use an exclusive finish with a dual coat, dual sand process which minimizes finishing time and the associated costs.

Highest quality
Metrie’s unwavering focus on quality and our multiple-stage quality control checks mean that Platinum Prime mouldings are the highest quality available. This will give you confidence in knowing you have been supplied with the best product on the market.


Metrie™ is committed to practices which limit the impact society has on our environment and promotes the use of certified and recycled wood products. In addition to responsible manufacturing processes, our environmental initiatives include recycling programs, hybrid vehicle fleets, and memberships to regional and national “Green” councils

Platinum Prime mouldings have evolved to become the one of the most environmentally preferred building materials available.

Recycled material
Platinum Prime MDF mouldings are SCS certified to contain a Minimum 80% Pre-Consumer Recycled Wood Content (dry weight basis).

SFM (Sustainable Forest Management) or FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)
The product substrate is manufactured in facilities that carry the SFM or FSC® certification. By supporting manufacturers with these certifications we are supporting the growth of responsible forest management, which will protect our world’s forests.

Water-based finish
Platinum Prime MDF mouldings use a proprietary water-based finish manufactured exclusively for Metrie™. Water-based finishes have limited emissions and don’t require solvents for handling; this improves air quality for both manufacturers and customers.

By-product usage
Metrie™ MDF by-product and fall-down is used by local industries as energy efficient fuel and raw material for other manufacturing processes. Using manufacturing by-product eliminates the growth of landfills and reduces dependence on non-renewable fuels such as coal.

Multiple domestic manufacturing facilities
With 3 MDF facilities and growing, we are working to eliminate the environmental impact of long distance freight. Supporting regional development with domestic product results in limited exhaust emissions from freight and generates points in most “Green Building” programs.


The Metrie™ MDF Manufacturing group has an inventory of over 2500 different profile templates. Our distribution locations stock hundreds of profiles and can be consulted for any of your custom requirements. Our in-house CAD and tooling capabilities give our customers unlimited options for any and all of their finishing needs.

Metrie’s Platinum Prime MDF Mouldings – exceptional results start with exceptional products.