Interior Doors

Metrie Doors

Metrie interior doors are available in solid and glass options, each meticulously designed to coordinate with one of our Then & Now Finishing Collections.

Each of our five Finishing Collections doors are prehung and feature solid, clear and patterned glass options. These doors create a cohesive look and highlight the beauty of the entire room.

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Masonite Doors, brought to you by Metrie

Metrie carries a wide selection of Masonite® premium designer doors throughout Canada, offering the largest breadth of line on the market today. Masonite has consistently built high-quality, durable doors for years and shares our dedication to crafting the best products.

We carry everything from solid and glass options, to CYMA™, Safe 'N Sound®, glass French doors and Lemieux doors – offering the perfect solution for any room or style.

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