Add architraves to window casing

  • Difficulty: Difficulty Level: Easy

Make everything outside a little more glamorous with architrave-adorned windows. This project redefines what it means to have a room with a view by combining Fashion Forward™ architraves and casings with a smooth, neutral paint.


Step By Step

  • 1
  • Paint walls around windows.
  • 2
  • Paint casings and architraves in same color as walls.
  • 3
  • Use saw to cut casings into lengths that match the size of the window.
  • 4
  • Install casings with nails and/or adhesive.
  • 5
  • Install architraves above windows and casings with adhesive.



  1. Fashion Forward Scene II large casings
  2. Fashion Forward Scene II architraves
  3. Light matte grey paint
  4. Construction adhesive